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Perfect Balance Clinic Meets Michael Johnson

On 3rd December 2010, Stephen Makinde represented the Perfect Balance team, when he travelled to Dallas, Texas to meet Olympic Gold Medallist and Former World Champion Michael Johnson. 


This was a defining moment for Perfect Balance Clinic; having treated a large number competitive athletes and 100's of sports injuries, it was an absolute honour to have been asked to meet one of the greatest athletes of our generation!  Stephen Makinde joined Jodie Williams and father Richard Williams, as they went to visit the Michael Johnson Performance Centre in Dallas, Texas.


The Michael Johnson Performance Centre endorsed by Nike provides athletes with a ‘unique, focused and training environment’.  Training some of America’s most renowned sports teams including the Dallas Cowboys, the Centre combines the latest technologies and equipment with a 6,000 square foot indoor training field, surpassing any other training facility in the world!


Stephen enjoyed spending time with both Michael Johnson and Jodie Williams, learning the intimate details of what it really takes to become a World Athletics Champion.  By discussing technique and gruelling training regimes with Michael and Jodie, Stephen was able to further his knowledge of high performance athletes and their biomechanics in order transfer this knowledge back to the team at Perfect Balance – allowing Perfect Balance Clinic to gain a truly unique insight to high performance biomechanics, and ultimately to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of care!


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