Improve your mindset and productivity in the workplace

Us office workers have had that one day where we were super productive and on top of everything; it felt like we had drank 10 cups of strong coffee before we even got into work!

However, ask yourself this simple question; what were your meals like on this day? When we talk about improving productivity and performance in the workplace, we very rarely look into the food we put into our mouths. For those who walk into their office, turn on their computers and see a stack of emails, as well as preparing for meetings and trying to hit deadlines, food is simply fuel.

In this article, our nutrition specialists summarise their latest understanding of how the food we put into our mouths on a daily basis can be affecting our productivity in the workplace, in a positive or negative way.


Reduce Chronic Pain with Laser Therapy

Are you one of the 50% of the UK population who suffer from Chronic Pain? To make it much more specific, and quite frankly, worrying, that’s just under 28 million adults based on data from the best available published stories. Also, with the aging population rising, this figure is very likely to increase. Could your children be next in line?

There are twelve studies across the Internet which demonstrate a chronic pain trend towards increasing prevalence with increasing age from 14.3% in 18-25 years old, to 62% in the over 75 age group. However, the prevalence of chronic pain in young people (18-39 year-olds) may be as high as 30%.

In this article, our Chronic Pain specialists summarise their latest understanding of how Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can help with those with chronic pain to ensure they are chronic pain-free as quickly as possible.