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Five Most Common Marathon Injuries


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Become injury-free when training for a marathon with this useful e-book…

We feel it is very important to look after yourself pre-race by doing the right training, sleeping and eating properly then there is the time spent on the couch getting those aches and pains ironed out. At this time of year we see many clients that overtrain or simply do not do the simple basic things that they could do to improve their performance.

In this e-book, we take a look at the best ways to help treat;

  1. Knee injuries
  2. Feet injuries
  3. Hamstring injuries
  4. Ankle injuries
  5. Toe injuries

This e-book was created to help all those who run marathons or are thinking about it.

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  1. (verified owner):

    I’m a long distance/endurance runner suffered from my first big injury this year and went to see the team in St Albans and have been in top shape since. My ankle is as good as ever and I’ve run over 250k without a problem. Will be using the services and skills in preparation for some major races next year. Thanks to Aaron Sara and Steve.

    – Terry Stoodley

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