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What is a workstation assessment?

Workstation assessments, also known as Ergonomics, measure the relationship between people, their environment and the tasks they perform. In order to work in the most effective manner, it is essential to consider all the aspects of your working area. Our ergonomics services take everything in your office into consideration when assessing your workspace; from the height of your chair and desk, to the position of your mouse and phone, and even how the lighting and heat levels affect you.

Why should I have my workstation assessed?

An Ergonomic Assessment is not only a employer’s legal responsibility but also a valuable tool to ensure maximum comfort for their staff. In turn, this minimises the risk of injury, thus increasing productivity in the work place. It is also beneficial for a specialist to undertake the Ergonomic Assessment in cases where an individual has pain symptoms or a diagnosed injury.  This will help to ensure that your workstation and environment are not contributing to your symptoms or impacting upon your recovery.

How do I book a workstation assessment?

The quickest way of booking an assessment is to contact us on 0800 0724 012, or by e-mailing info@pbclinic.com. This way, we can find out exactly how you would like the workstation assessment to be structured for you or your business; be it an individual assessment or a group presentation. If you would like to book or have any further enquiries about an assessment, or any of our other services, then please do get in touch.

What will be assessed at my workstation?

When carrying out a work station assessment, it is important not to neglect any aspect of your working environment. The considerations of the assessment fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Posture
  • Design of the work area
  • Design of equipment
  • Design of the job and the way in which it is carried out.

A thorough assessment of these aspects of an working environment will ensure that every element of your work space is accounted for; whether it be the position of your mouse, the height of your chair, or the brightness of your computer screen.

What happens at the workstation assessment?

At your workstation assessment, you will first be educated about the important considerations of ensuring your work station is both comfortable and safe. Whether it’s a group presentation or a one-to-one, the assessment will be tailored to your business’ working environment. After being educated on the most important aspects of your workstation, you will be shown exercises by a rehabilitation consultant. These exercises will help you to prevent injury and discomfort at your workstation, and will ensure that you remain engaged, active and productive in your work.

I'm already in pain when I sit at my desk; can you help?

Of course! We want to stop you from being in pain, either by preventing pain before it strikes, or helping to relieve existing pain. Our workstation assessment will help to identify and correct any element of your desk set up that could be causing the pain. Our rehabilitation consultant will then offer you some specific exercises to help strengthen the affected area. In more serious cases you might require some treatment; if this is the case, we can refer you to a Perfect Balance Clinic specialist who will offer you advice, treatment and exercises to help you.

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Workstation Assessments

Staying legal with workstations

The two big issues an employer has with workstations is staying legal and reducing absenteeism due to workstation injury. HSE say “It is good practice for employers to encourage early reporting of health problems, help sufferers obtain treatment they need, and help them return to work “

We’re not lawyers and don’t offer legal advice in terms of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) but based on the fact that according to the Health and Safety Executive, employers have an obligation to assess the whole workstation including equipment, furniture, and the work environment; this is where Perfect Balance Clinic can help you.

Desk and Workstation Assessments –  *Medical and Physio Approved

Desk posture and assessments are vital to your health at work.  In a high performance environment we aim to deliver a high performance solution (at a fraction of the cost of other assessments).

If you are looking for a legally compliant, medically and physio approved DSE and VDU assessment with everything you need we can give you what you are looking for.

Why use our workstation assessments?