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3 exercises to do each day


Do you wake up every morning wondering what exercises you should do as a bare minimum every day?

Do you want to speed walk to the station or to work faster? 

Make sure to read this blog for all the answers…

We see many people with weak glutes and poor flexibility and some that have just lost the spring in their step. Here are some exercises that can help you get that spring back!

First exercise we’re going to start with is a reverse lunge to a high knee. This exercise incorporates all the muscles you need when you are walking and running. Come back into reverse lunge. High knee, use the opposite arm to come up. We’re not only using the muscles we need to walk but also practising our balance. So we’re going to do three lots of 10. 

The next exercise is the single leg hip crunch. This exercise is most important if you are someone who works at a desk, in an office, or you’re working from home. When we’re sitting down for long periods of time and the muscles at the front of our hip become short and tight. That means our glutes won’t work properly and they forget how to contract and they start acting as a cushion. Push from the floor. Squeeze your glute on the up. For a longer contraction you can hold at the top of the movement for five to 10 seconds.

The next exercise is a walk out and push up. This is a very much more dynamic movement. We’ll use a multiple set of muscles in two different planes of motion. Also you’re going to increase your heart rate. Again, three lots of 10.

The last exercise is pogos. We think it’s the most important exercise if you want to really get that spring in your ankles and be really speed walking to the station. This exercise is a plyometric exercise and will work on giving you a much springier ankle and calf muscle, and you don’t need any space to do it. Hands on your hips, jump up, bring your toes up to the sky. What you want to do is try and have minimal time on the floor. Keep your ankles and your knees straight with a tiny bend.

For more information about getting moving in the mornings

Those are our four exercises we think you should do every day to get the muscles working that you need to, to walk, run, and move comfortably. And also to regain that spring in your step.

This article was written by our team of specialist therapists at Perfect Balance Clinic. If you would like more specific advice about how our team can help you with this condition or symptoms you may be having, please complete the contact form below and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

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