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Abdominal and Core Exercises to try at-home


Our Strength and Conditioning Coach Phil Doyle has put together some exercises which can help you strengthen your core whilst you’re at home.

The core refers to the abdominal muscles, hips, and spine. Its purpose is to stabilise the body when in motion. Stability is static strength and allows you to remain static under the presence of external forces.

There are many advantages to working on your core stability. It helps to prevent injury, as all the surrounding muscles work together better; it improves your balance; and it can improve strength, and therefore ability, in a range of sports.

In addition, a comprehensive strengthening program of these core muscles can be used for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement’

Trunk Side Plank

Starting by laying on your left side with feet together and left forearm on the floor in line with your shoulder with your hand pointing out in front of you, keep your right arm resting at your side. Contract your abdominals and lift your left hip up off the floor to form a straight line from your feet through your legs and torso to your head.

Trunk Inverted Leg Raise To Ceiling

Start laying on your back with your feet in the air, place your arms on the floor at your sides. Use your core to lift your pelvis off the floor, trying to touch the ceiling with your feet as your hips leave the floor, hold for a second at the top and control the movement back down. Keep your abdominals drawn in throughout.

Plank with Alternating Single Arm and Leg Raise

Start on all 4’s control your posture and spine in a neutral position then reach with your left arm and your right leg making sure not to overextend then return to the start position then repeat with the right arm and your left leg.

Plank with feet

Start by laying on the floor in a prone position place your feet on the floor not on a bosu as in the film then push yourself up onto your forearms holding a neutral spine.

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