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Best leg day exercises


If you’re struggling with leg exercises to do at home, because the gym is shut, then this is for you.

Our rehabilitation specialist takes us through his top leg exercises that you can complete at home to maintain strength in your legs.

People forget that exercises can be taken from the gym and still apply it at home, using light bands and weights, for added resistance and difficulty.

Exercise 1: leg extension with a resistance band

This can easily replicate the leg extension in the gym by attaching the band to a fixed object such as a table leg or a chair leg.

Exercise 2: squat

Using a chair can help with technique at home and this of course can then be progressed to holding a lightweight or an object close to your chest as you complete that movement.

Exercise 3: hamstring curl with a resistance band

Another great exercise that can be done at home replicating the gym by using the resistance band. You can use a yoga mat to lie on your front, to perform this one, either single leg or double leg.

Exercise 4: glute bridges

These are a staple of a good leg plan. It can be progressed to single leg, or you can perform them with your heels on a foam roller for added hamstring activation during the movement.

Exercise 5: calf raises

These are a fantastic exercise that can be done on your stairs at home. They can be progressed by holding a weight whilst you’re performing them or by increasing the difficulty to single leg raises as well.

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A good start is 10 reps, with three sets per exercise. If you need a little bit more time to build these up, you can start in the range of six to eight reps per exercise, three sets for a couple of weeks, just to begin with. These leg day exercises can be completed times two to three per week alongside other activities such as running, yoga, pilates to maintain your strength.

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