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Nutrition on race day — Improve your performance


Do you have optimum nutrition prepared for race day? This article will help provide you information on your nutrition for race day.

“How much you drink is very case specific on your body weight.”

How does nutrition affect your race? Do you have optimum nutrition prepared for race day?

Here are some tips for your nutrition on race day:

  • Carbohydrates will be your number one fuel source during the race, so for your breakfast, you’ll want to eat crucial carbohydrates. The go-to foods for the morning could be bagels, toast, cereal, oats, you can even have an orange juice or a fruit juice. You can increase your fruits also.
  • For recreational runners, at the mark, that’s when you can consume some form of carbohydrates, so the obvious go-to supplements for that could be a sports drink or a gel, essentially you just want to increase your blood sugar levels slightly at the 90-minute mark. Unless you’re an elite athlete, which most of you won’t be, you don’t need to consume that many carbohydrates during, just a good amount of carbohydrates for your breakfast should be able to take you through your race.
  • Another thing to consider about the mark, you could possibly have a sports drink for a loss of electrolytes. If you’re going to be sweating, you’re going to be losing electrolytes during the run, maybe taking in the essential minerals like sodium or potassium in the form of a liquid will also increase your chance of performing the marathon to the best of your ability.
  • Water is also an important factor, so you need to stay hydrated leading up to your event. How much you drink is very case specific on your body weight, but you know you’re dehydrated if you have any of these symptoms; dry mouth, lips or eyes, thirst, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, lack of concentration, dark yellow and strong smelling urine and urinating less than four times a day.

Overall information for nutrition on race day:

So to summarize, carbohydrates are important in the morning, so you’ll want to increase them slightly. Increasing your carbohydrates during at the 90-minute mark can also be a factor, but remember it’s not essential, and also get your fluids correct on the day.

For race day, never try anything that you haven’t tried before, as it can cause discomfort or gut distress and in terms of caffeine or pre-workout if you’re going to consume those sort of supplements, make sure again, you’ve done them before. Remember the most effective ergogenic aid in that energy shot or pre-workout is caffeine, if you can handle caffeine okay then it’s been shown to increase runner’s endurance performance.

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They laughed when I started following these NUTRITION TIPS — but when I started to RUN

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