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Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Cervicogenic Headaches


There is no ailment in the world that is more common than a headache. The number of people facing issues in relation to this is very high. Headaches that result from tension are the most common of all types. Others result from stress in the concerned patients. The type of pain being discussed here is primarily the one that is often neglected by various individuals: cervicogenic headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches

These headaches are actually just like the others. They often vary in relation to the person who is having them. You will find them very severe in one patient and very mild in somebody else. Patients also often have different problems. Some will complain of more severe pains in the eyes, while the majority will have the pain concentrated in the head. This type of headache often affects a large population of females. It is also a type that is unilateral in nature. Sufferers will often complain of severe head throbbing, photophobia, and nausea, among other issues. The pain will often originate from the occipital region. This is the region at the base of the neck. It is also a region in the location of the cervical spine. The pain will then slowly spread up towards the head region. This is what is commonly referred to as a cervicogenic headache. For the individuals who suffer from these types of headaches, it ought to be said that although the intensity of the pain will differ from mild to moderate to acute, they will be experienced daily. This means that you can have no escape from the consequences of the pain. Obviously, individuals do not want to experience this at all. There is no doubt that the neck plays a very major role here. It can be one of the extreme causes of pain in your head. It is also a strategic one when it comes to assessing or diagnosing symptoms of the ailment. Of course, there are other symptoms of this effect. Individuals can cure this nagging problem with various solutions. One of them is by use of physical therapy. It is recommended that you visit an Osteopath for advice. There are others such as the use of anesthetic block, radiofrequency neurotomy (a procedure to cut or stretch a nerve), and in extreme cases, surgery. Ensure that you do all to avoid cervicogenic headaches.

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