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Chronic fatigue


If you are currently suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome or ME then this blog is for you!

John, our Osteopath in Hatfield has been tracing chronic fatigue syndrome and ME for over 20 years. However, over the last four years he decided to really specialize in this subject. So he went and trained with one of the leading doctors, Dr. Ray Perrin,

The Perrin Technique

Dr. Ray Perrin discovered the Perrin Technique and has treated hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of chronic fatigue sufferers. He has formulated a complete treatment protocol and an exercise plan to gain you the best results possible. Over the years, John has seen lots of clients really suffering with this awful condition, where they might just have five minutes per day where they’ve got enough energy to do anything. This Perrin Technique has been shown time and time again to help relieve symptoms and just give you back your life.

What is chronic fatigue?

So to keep it simple at this stage, the key component in chronic fatigue syndrome is the build up of toxins in the spinal cord and brain. It has also been found that the spinal column, the vertebrae are also affected in specific areas, that also prevents toxins from leaving the body in it’s normal way, along with the disruption of the correct messaging by the nervous system.

Symptoms and diagnosing chronic fatigue

The key to treating CFS is to firstly diagnose the problem correctly. Dr. Perrin has devised an assessment process that gives us the best chance of finding out if you’re likely to be suffering with this problem. Importantly, chronic fatigue syndrome is very much a structural disorder and it’s clearly diagnosable using physical signs, including spinal posture, swollen lymph vessels, and specific tender points related to sympathetic nervous disturbances, and backflow of lymphatic fluid.

How we can help with chronic fatigue

Essentially, we use techniques to help drain toxins away from the spinal cord and brain and encourages healthy flow of lymphatics and cerebral spinal fluid, which aids the return to good health.

John is our specialist in these conditions, you can view his profile here, where you can then book an appointment with him.

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