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Client of the Month


Congratulations to our youngest ever client of the month, 16-year-old Joseph Fry! A superstar cyclist in the making – read on to find out more about his achievements…

So Joseph, how long have you been cycling & what sparked your interest?

I started cycling at the age of 8 years. I used to attend Tennis lessons at Gosling and while I was there my father took my brother to the Gosling velodrome and he started cycling. My brother and father both enjoyed cycling and quickly my brother showed a lot of talent and joined the local club. I then used to go to the velodrome because my brother was attending all the training sessions at the track and I would go along to his races. Shortly after my brother joined the cycling club I decided to join too!

Great! So what would you say is your best achievement to date?

I had a great season in 2011, becoming the National U14 Cyclocross Champion. This year has been great so far though:
I won?the National Track Youth Omnium Series Finals, came 2nd in the National Youth Circuit Championships, and also 2nd in the National Youth Track Championships. I also hold the course record for my local 10 Mile Time Trial  (20 minutes 16 seconds.)

So what’s the secret? How do you make sure you are ready to perform at a high level?

The keys to it are training and recovery.
Training – I commit to training 6 days a week, I have a coach from British Cycling as I am currently on my 2nd year being on BC’s Olympic Talent team programme for U16s.
Recovery – I have to eat drink sensibly, try to make sure I get enough hours to sleep and rest. This means early nights and missing out on being with my school friends sometimes.
All difficult for a 16-year-old boy trying to study for my GCSEs as well! I have to make sacrifices and limit time socialising with my friends in order to travel to competition and train. However I love cycling and hope to become a professional cyclist, these are the sacrifices anyone would make in order to achieve their goal. I think my friends at school understand and are always supportive. I am very lucky to have supportive teachers too.
Joseph Fry in action!

And how have Perfect Balance Clinic helped you?

The treatment I receive from Perfect Balance (Joseph has been treated by Mat Pollard) has been of huge benefit. While I was taking part in an exhibition event at the Olympic velodrome Track 2012, in Stratford I was bought down in a crash and injured my collarbone, ac joint. Although I recovered I was later that year at a training camp on the track in Manchester and another rider crashed on the track and bought me down, aggravating the injury to my ac joint/shoulder. Following this, I had had difficulty getting into my time trial position on the bike and generally being on the bike for a period of time as my shoulder was painful. I started sports therapy with Mat and have not looked back, this has really helped heal my injury and continued treatments have helped my recovery and conditioning following training and competitions.

Well, we are thrilled we have been able to help! What are your aspirations and goals for the future?

As I have mentioned, I would like to become a Professional Cyclist. I want to represent my country on the road and on the track and become an Olympian. My ultimate goal would be to become a World Champion.

Joseph Fry races for RST Racing Team which is based in Sheffield.

If you would like to share your story, e-mail us at [email protected], and you could be our next client of the month!

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