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Exercises for sciatica


Who is most likely to benefit from this article? This article is suitable for anybody that has been diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain. This article contains background information about the condition and how to treat the symptoms at home, following guidance from a medical professional where applicable.

If you’ve ever had sciatic nerve pain or know anyone that has suffered from this condition you’ll know just how tough it can be to deal with this condition at home!

The one exercise that gets the quickest results for sciatic nerve pain that you can do at home

“Sciatic nerve pain is a condition affecting those who are often engaged in bending, lifting, or are prone to lower back pain. It can be an acute condition, which is short-lived or maybe a more chronic condition which goes on for a long time”

Often sciatic pain is the main feature that someone comes into the clinic complaining of. They would complain of pain that runs down the back of their leg(s) that is worse when they try and straighten their leg and move the leg, in particular when you bend up your toes once your leg is straight. The cause of the condition is imperative to isolate as this can go on for a long time and may not be diagnosed correctly or thoroughly leading to ongoing symptoms. Getting a clear diagnosis of your sciatic nerve pain is so critical to being able to completely get rid of your condition.

If the condition worsens it can lead to long term disability and suffering with most daily activities being stopped as a result of the constant pain. Visiting the GP will often result in the first instance with pain relief, if you’re lucky you may be referred but it can take several visits to be referred. The cause for us is important to isolate as you get to the root cause of the issue sooner and do not waste time with medication if this is not going to help. Moving forwards quicker with a plan of action to deal with what you find there can often make a big difference in getting results for clients.

Here are 3 things that can happen if Sciatica is not treated correctly:

  1. The main cause of sciatic nerve pain is the result of pressure on the nerve at the base of the spine. The sciatic nerve has 4 to 5 spinal nerves that come from the spine and make up the nerve trunk. This means that there are several places damage can happen to the back that leads to pressure on the nerve roots and subsequent pain into the leg region. Isolating this is key as the treatment will differ based on what the cause of the condition is
  2. If the cause of the sciatic nerve pain is related to pressure on the lower discs in the spine then it is likely you may be experiencing some changes in your bowels and bladder function. If things get this bad then acting quickly and alerting your GP is critical as this can be a more serious sign of something called cauda-equina. This can lead to more serious complications.
  3. Not only will the nerve be painful but the pressure on the nerve or inflammation can lead to more functional loss such as loss of power in the leg or foot drop. These are more serious clinical signs we would be looking for and would be a real cause for concern if things were getting this bad.

Our aim is to stop things before they become this bad and get to the source of your problem to isolate this and move rapidly forward with a correct diagnosis and a treatment plan to suit your condition.

Here are 3 things that you should start to see once your sciatic nerve pain is treated correctly:

  1. Correct diagnosis is key for us and getting some imaging, assessing you, and making sure we are clear on the cause of your condition before we start to offer you treatment means that our outcomes are very good when it comes to dealing with these conditions.
  2. Exercises such as the one in the video below are key to making sure you are able to do some things on a daily basis at home to ensure you are able to progress your condition forward getting the best results in the shortest possible time. Sciatica can take a while to get better so do not waste time when it comes to dealing with this condition.
  3. Pain management may be needed in some cases as this will help reduce the pain. Pain relief from the GP or the use of a TENS device can help to alter and reduce the pain levels. We try and advocate breathing and mindfulness practice in addition to medication with all our clients as this has been shown to help reduce pain also as well as nutritional and lifestyle advice to prevent deterioration

Our aim is to provide great diagnosis, treatment, and exercises for clients to make a good recovery from acute and chronic forms of sciatic nerve pain. Hopefully avoiding surgery or injections if we can get there quick enough”

We hope you’ve found this information useful to help understand your sciatic nerve pain and what we can do to help move this forward.?

Here is a video created by our specialist on the subject. We have the team here to help you.

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