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Home Rehabilitation Exercises


Struggling to complete your rehab at home? Not all of us have a membership to the gym. Some of us don’t have the equipment at home or some of us just don’t have the time to simply do our rehab, but there’s always ways around it!

Sometimes it’s the simple exercises that can be the most effective for people. Using household items and things that are cheap and easy can be really useful to complete your rehab plans.


A lot of us have these at home and if not, they’re easily accessible. The type of exercises that we can do on this, the heel drops, heel raises, split squats, raised push-ups and even box jumps.

Backpack/shopping bag

Backpacks are handy as we can easily alter the weight of an exercise. Either put more objects in (books/cans) or take things out to change the weight. There are so many exercises you can do with a backpack as dead lifts, squats, even shoulder press.


This can be good for the stability element of our rehab plan and can be used for things such as raised bridges or chair planks. It’s useful having this around to hold onto if you are feeling unsteady.


This can be used to help mobilise our limbs in different planes of motion. Towels are great as they can be used to help us glide on hardwood floors allows so exercises such as hamstring curls.

If you have questions in regards to rehab or home exercises, then make sure to get in contact with one of our team members so that we can help you to reach towards your goals.


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