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How to sleep with back pain


If you’re struggling to sleep because of back pain, then make sure to read this blog to the end. We believe these simple tips will provide an overview of how to improve your comfort and get a good night’s sleep. 

Back pain unfortunately comes in many forms and it is a very common injury that people deal with at the clinic. What can be even more frustrating is not being able to sleep at all, but with some simple techniques, you can align your body and your spine to allow more comfort and to be able to sleep much better. 

Pillow under lower back

Firstly, if you’re sleeping on your back, place a soft pillow underneath your lower back and underneath your knees as well. This will help to keep your pelvis much more neutral and the result will keep your spine itself in a nice natural position while you sleep. 

Pillow between your legs

Secondly, if you’re sleeping on your side, place a soft pillow between your legs. This will help to stop your pelvis from tilting, and what that does is ensures that your low back does not become particularly misaligned and pulled to one side. 

Just a word of note is that with either of these positions, it’s also very important to ensure that your upper body remains level across your spine. Having pillows that are too low can affect your neck as well, and again can cause your spine to be misaligned. 

The best way to check this is to have your partner or a friend look at those sleeping positions for you. 

You can get in contact for more information, as we are able to provide support and guidance not only within our clinic, but via remote video means as well.

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