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Important Facts You Need To Know About Plantar Fascia


Do you have pain under your heel? Here is some helpful advice for Plantar Fascia.

Who is most likely to benefit from this article? Everybody will benefit from the knowledge of this common injury, but those especially dealing with pain under their heel, unsure of the cause and would like some advice. This article provides further knowledge and management suggestions to get you through the day.

You probably suffer from Pain walking…under your heel or around your achilles tendon? This important article could help you manage your Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis causes heel pain regardless of age or activity levels. However, it is more common in obese populations and people on their feet for long hours.

This injury usually causes an issue under the heel; a study has reported 1/10 of 600,000 are affected by this injury and will be affected once in their lifetime. It results from repeated overloading resulting in weakening of the plantar fascia: this affects the tendon’s ability to maintain foot arch sometimes causing a tear.

This is easily dealt with by our passionate practitioners here at Perfect Balance specialised in this area. The location makes full recovery tricky, reduces the quality of life with poor management, and leads to continuous re-injury, movement dysfunction, and poor mental health long term.

The three biggest mistakes made by people with Plantar Fasciitis:

  • Not seeing a specialist can lead to a continuous re-injury, further complicating and worsening the structure/s involved locally and globally within the body.
  • Poor initial management of the inflammatory phase, poor management could escalate a minor strain into a tear and result in further complications.
  • Inadequate recuperation and continual use for extended periods of physical activity. The use of un-effective, poor quality, and technically correct exercise or rehabilitation methods.

The best course of action you could take is:

  • See one of our passionate specialist, dedicated to assessing your condition and your body’s condition for the best treatment plan!
  • Our specialist will guide you through the healing stages, and applying our proven effective system for rehabilitation.
  • Our specialist will give you the correct and best treatment plan for your body, excellent coaching to focus on effective and progressive symptoms.

Here is a video especially for you to learn about supplements that might help with Plantar fasciitis

If this resonated with you?

Don’t get trapped in a cycle of re-injury worsening every time! We are here to give you the support you need with your condition and get you started on your road to recovery. Find very quick and effective results!

Our specialist will provide important assessments of your condition, investigating, and identifying the issue/s to help relieve symptoms quickly. It covers important areas most practitioners seem to miss in normal sessions, we know the path to accelerate your recovery! Simply use the contact form below to provide us your details to get booked in.

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