We are always looking to recruit new talented specialists into our team at Perfect Balance Clinic.

Finding the right people is difficult so we are always keen to meet people that fit with our existing team. There are certain qualities we look for within a specialist such as their experience, qualifications and most importantly, their motivation to work within an integrated clinical team. Our administration team is growing and they are also looking for the ‘right ‘ person to come and join them.

If you would like to be considered for a role at Perfect Balance Clinic please submit your CV via email with a brief covering letter and availabilities to speak. Current posts that we are recruiting for are Physiotherapy, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Osteopathy and Sports Massage.Send your CV and covering letter along with an indication of why you feel you would be perfect for a role within the clinic to CV@PerfectBalanceClinic.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

3 reasons why people join our team

Harley Street Osteopath

We work as a specialised team

Our team of highly skilled therapists are regarded as some of the strongest in their fields. We encourage each of our team members to cross fertilise their clinical thoughts and ideas and we ensure we embrace a culture which is consistent with learning, developing and giving our clients an exceptional level of service. Our younger team members are encouraged to work with our more senior practitioners who ‘mentor’ them and encourage growth.

Our senior team have more specialised roles and training allowing them to work on some of the most complex cases presenting to the clinic.

Harley Street Osteopath

Great facilities

We believe that by looking after our physical environment and providing the exact environment conducive to learning and developing our skills we can give our practitioners exactly what they need.

Our clinical equipment is some of the finest in the industry and we supply our practitioners with high end rehabilitation and physical medicine technology to make sure we give them the best chance to provide an exceptional service.

We invest heavily in new technology and ensure we are always looking out for things that will give us the edge in todays results driven culture.

Jodie Williams training

Our clients

We believe our clients are some of the most results focussed clients that you would come across as a practitioner. Our clients want the best, so we ensure our standards are high and when we recruit we look for the right people to fit with our team, our business and most importantly our clients.

Finding the right calibre of therapist is not an easy job, but we are pleased to say our team is growing so we must be doing something right.

We work with several industries in film/television, music, professional sports and the incurable conditions. So as you can imagine our client base is a rather unique population, which we are very proud to work alongside. We also work with many local consultants and specialists to make sure our services stay ahead of the curve.

Our CPD list is organised to enhance our therapists working relationship with each other, with local specialists and for the benefit of the types of clients we see. The PB academy helps to formalise the process and ensure that sessions are productive and progressive during our therapists education.

Candidate Promises

We operate a simple three-stage recruitment process:

Stage 1: Screening of all suitable applications/CVs > decision made to forward/decline/hold
Stage 2: First stage interview for shortlisted candidates > decision made to forward/decline/hold
Stage 3: Clinical/Role Specific Interview > decision made to offer/decline/hold

Our vacancies attract a significant number of applications so we know first hand that our candidates have high expectations. Perfect Balance Clinic is therefore committed to providing exceptional levels of service to all our candidates throughout their journey with us.

To support this there are a number of key things we will adhere to as part of our promises to our candidates:

  • We will conduct our process in an ethical, honest and transparent way at all times
  • We will contact all candidates to follow up on the role applied for within 48 hours
  • We will provide all candidates with feedback following an interview within 48 hours
  • We will explain our recruitment process clearly and concisely; guiding you through each stage and outlining what to expect
  • We will be easily accessible throughout the process should you have any questions
  • We will respect your needs for confidentiality, discretion, and privacy at all time. Please click here to view our Recruitment Privacy Policy – Perfect Balance Recruitment Privacy Policy
  • We will always listen to you and treat you in a way that we would like to be treated

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Could you be 'the one' we are looking for?

Do you want to...

  • Work in a committed team
  • Work with like minded therapists and business owners
  • Make a difference in healthcare
  • Join a team who help you develop
  • Contribute to developing others
  • Have the opportunity to develop and progress your career
  • Feel ‘stuck’ where you are and want a new challenge
  • Help more clients with new skills and a new outlook on health
  • Work closer to specialists in their field
  • Feel excited about your job again


If you feel these statements describe how you feel about your current situation then you may be the right type of person we are looking for and we’d be excited to speak to you.

Complete the initial interest form on the left side and one of the recruitment team will get back to you.

It is important to us that everyone that comes in contact with our business experiences our exceptional levels of service. If you have any feedback/questions/concerns about your candidate journey please email our recruitment team at talent@pbclinic.com

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