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Key points every cyclist should know about their bike setup


Who is most likely to benefit from this article? Anybody that is an avid cyclist and want’s to prevent injury, feel comfortable whilst riding and increase performance on their bike. This article contains background information about bike assessments and how they can help you cycling performance whilst helping to prevent injury.

If you’ve ever ridden casually or professionally you’ll know that the correct bike setup is so important.

We see countless cyclists, many of them miss out on important things that they can be doing to easily prevent injury and maximise performance.

Some of the common features we are seeing day in and day out are related to key areas. If you have any of these points come up yourself then read on to hear what you need to do to prevent this yourself.

Our mission is to bring this knowledge to those that need it the most. Make it easy to understand, easy to take action on and easy to implement changes that will save you time, money and increase your performance whilst preventing those niggling injuries.

Here are 3 things that can happen if you do not take care of your cycling position:

  • Saddle Soreness/ Chaffing is the most common issue in cycling; through moisture, friction and pressure lead to skin ailments in the perineal region. Cycling in wet conditions is a frequent cause of chafing, and pressure on the perineal region and Alcock’s canal could also result in Ischemic Neuropathy: Various studies have reported genital numbness rates in the ranges of 10% – 91%, resulting in pain, sexual dysfunction and localised numbness to name a few. Poor alignment can then progress into neurological muscular issues affecting one or both legs.
  • Overuse Injuries: It is reported 58% of professional and 85% amature cyclist experience an overuse injury. The knee is the most common and accounts for 62% overuse injuries among professionals. Lateral Knee pain (Iliotibial Band Syndrome), Anterior Knee Pain, and Achilles tendon pain to list a few are issues that develop as a result of poor cycling position and/or muscular balance.
  • Neck pain and Back pain: through contributing factors such as poor posture, the body may be placed in unnatural positions, and periods of continued use result in movement dysfunction.

Silberman (2013) Bicycling Injuries

When you see an expert, someone who lives and breathes helping these conditions every day, someone who is fanatical and high fives their team every single time they get a win for their patients, you’ll finally be in the right hands so that you can get rapid, lasting relief of pains and problems and get back to loving your life of activity and being more “you”.

Here are 3 things that you will get if you do take action right now:

  • A clear explanation of your situation after assessment, understanding your situation will enable you to begin your journey to achieve current and future goals.
  • A clearly defined treatment/training programme specifically for you, to meet your lifestyle needs and goals. It will break the vicious cycle of injury and ensure continued progress.
  • Support and motivation from us here at Perfect Balance on every step of your journey.

Changing your bike setup can make a 100% difference to your enjoyment of cycling

If you’ve ever wanted to get help with your conditions then keep reading, these next golden nuggets might just change your life.

Here is a video created by Stephen Makinde with the help of a top expert in the field Dean Taylor from the bike fitting company…

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