About our St Albans (The Maltings Clinic)

The Perfect Balance Osteopath clinic is situated within The Maltings shopping centre in central St Albans, Herfordshire. If you are looking for an Osteopath or Shockwave Therapy in St. Albans, our professional team are here to help!

Our location and partnership with this Clinic allows us to extend the pain rehabilitation treatments that we provide such as mother and baby services including osteopathy, lactation consultancy, pilates and pregnancy massage. You can browse a full list of services available on this page.

Perfect Balance therapists are fully trained and qualified in their respective fields. We aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms which provides our clients with a more complete service that looks to resolve the root cause of the issue.

If you are suffering any pain or discomfort from back, neck or sports related injuries, the most practical initial contact is with a Perfect Balance Osteopath. There are a wide range of therapists within our clinic which allows us to ensure you get treated by the specialist most suited to your needs.

We welcome you to visit our facilities and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

Clinic Services

  • Osteopath
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Therapy
  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Podiatrist
  • Pilates
  • Nutritionist
  • Athlete Services
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Pregnancy Services

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Perfect Balance Clinic St Albans (The Maltings)
Art School Yard, Victoria Street,
St Albans, AL1 3YS

Opening Times

Monday – 8.30am – 9pm
Tuesday – 8.30am – 9.30pm
Wednesday – 8.30am – 9.30pm
Thursday – 8am – 9.30pm
Friday – 8.30am – 9pm
Saturday – 8.30am – 6pm
Sunday – Emergency Clinic

Out of Hours Emergency Clinic

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Cassandra M
Cassandra M
19:11 15 Jul 16
Many thanks to Lucy for helping me through the latter stages of my pregnancy. After being handed crutches and told to stay off my feet to deal with my pelvic pain by staff at the NHS, I sought a different approach by way of Perfect Balance. She was able to assess and treat my symptoms by providing me with the knowledge of how my body came to be in that particular state and what could be done to help alleviate the pain. With targeted pregnancy massage and light exercises to undertake at home, I was walking with a lighter step after every visit. Post pregnancy I am eager to start the Pilates sessions to continue strengthening my body. Thank goodness for Perfect Balance!read more
Ayan Panja
Ayan Panja
13:28 14 Jul 16
There are very few musculoskeletal practitioners who have the knowledge, skills and ability to think deeply about each individual they treat. Stephen is one them. Highly recommended.
Charlene C
Charlene C
11:08 03 Jul 16
Came to visit Andrew with my daughter after hearing how great he was with children, my daughter had been suffering with torticollis since 5 weeks of age and after seeing numerous consultants at different clinics and private hospitals, and not getting anywhere we decided to try an osteopath…I’m so glad we did. My daughter is just turning one and she hasn’t had any seizures or head tilts for 6 months now, we had 3 treatments with Andrew and that was the best thing we’ve ever done and if Aaliyah develops any problems in the future then our trust is only with Andrew at Perfect Balance from now on. 100% would recommend and certainly worth our travel.read more
Amy I
Amy I
15:08 27 Jun 16
I had been suffering extreme facial & nose pain for up to 10 times per day lasting for 10-15 minutes per ‘attack’. After a visit to my GP, an MRI scan and self-referral to a Neurospecialist, I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was prescribed a strong drug (Pregabal) which I never actually took due to the horrendous side effects listed. Next I tried a special diet for a month but it produced no significant change so I became disheartened and desperate. I found Perfect Balance quite by chance after a web site search on K Laser and decided to write to them. The response was rapid and professional which immediately filled me with hope. After just 20 minutes with Stephen I felt he was looking at my symptoms from a completely fresh point of view and rapidly came to the conclusion that I had been misdiagnosed and the problem was actually due to intense jaw & neck stiffness over a number of years. This resulted in TN-type symptoms due to pressure on the nerve but could be solved without drugs or any invasive treatment. Stephen has been able to relieve some of the pain after just 2 sessions and is confident I will be fully cured soon. He has a gentle and understanding manner and seems genuinely determined to find the best solution in the shortest possible time. He is also good at giving self-help remedies for people who live abroad. I would thoroughly recommend giving Perfect Balance a visit for any form of pain that seems to never go away.read more
Paul Sowter
Paul Sowter
15:44 22 Jun 16
I visited Stephen Makinde just over a year ago with an IT band issue and within one session he identified the problem exactly. I then had a follow up visit with Podiatrist Daniel to organise some custom insoles. Since then the problem disappeared and a year on I have ran three marathons with accompanied training with no re-occurrences. Based on my experience I would say the level of service at Perfect Balance is excellent and what differentiates it from others is the very high level of competence and professionalism.read more

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If you are looking for an Osteopath or Shockwave Therapy in St Albans, or any other of the pain rehabilitation services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 0170 7229 871 or 0800 0724 012.

Alternatively please submit your enquiry using the form and we will ensure that the right person contacts you to discuss how we can help.

You can also learn more about our specialist team of therapists below.

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Meet the St Albans | The Maltings clinic team

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Fatimah Parkar – Physiotherapist

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Rachel Vialou-Clark – Physiotherapist

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Richard Sheridan

Richard Sheridan – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

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Sara Randall – Osteopath

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Stephen Makinde – Osteopath