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March 2013: Client of the Month


This month’s Perfect Balance Clinic client of the month is Barbara Pigden – a kayak coach at the Edmonton canoe group. Read her interview below about how she is inspiring people to stay active…

So Barbara, how long have you been involved in canoeing?

I have been canoeing for 8 years now and started at a women’s outdoor group when my youngest started school. I wanted to become more active again and I thought it was a perfect way to forget about being old, and to maintain a focus on becoming stronger and fitter!

And have you become stronger and fitter…?

Definitely! It keeps me active and is a fundamental part of my fitness regime. It’s a full-body sport! I don’t think I would have felt the benefit if I wasn’t doing Pilates too, though. It’s essential. It’s so crucial to stay in control of your coordination when you’re canoeing, so it has definitely helped in that regard too. I recommend Pilates classes to many of the people that come down to the White Water centre.

So what does it involve down at the White Water Centre?

Well, I coach a number of people down at the Edmonton canoe group, and the age range is between 9 and 76 years old! I am now in the process of setting up a canoe group for over 50’s at the Lee Valley’s White Water legacy course (where they had the Olympic white water competitions!). I am passionate about those people who reach 50 not just stopping participating in sport, and I have already had 70 replies from people after I sent out e-mails all over the East of England, so there is a lot of interest – it’s great!

Sounds brilliant! What does the new canoe group involve?

Well, it’s an all year round course run for over 50’s as I mentioned. It will be a very friendly group – we have had over 20 women register interest too so it will be a diverse group as well. The course will be set up with less likelihood of people being injured by rocks than most white watercourses, and hopefully, it will get warmer too so the older folk will be able to cope with the temperature! I’m excited by it and I hope those who sign up are all too – it’s a great excuse to stay active.

To find out more about Barbara’s new course visit the Canoe London website at? If you want to get in touch with Barbara and be further energised and inspired by her, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will put you in contact with her!
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