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New and easy ways to quickly reverse the symptoms of ageing on your joints


A lot of us have been working from home lately, and this might be causing a lot of stiffness, a lot of achiness, might be quite tiring on your body. Watch this video so that you can find out how to loosen off that stiff body while you’re working from home.


Since the very first lockdown we’ve been seeing way more people coming in, general stiffness. This is often due to people just working at home, sitting at their desks all day, not getting a lot of movement. So, part of my role as a sports therapist is to get you back to mobility so that you’re comfortable and you can on with your working day as normal.

So, why are we getting the stiffness?


Well, think about your posture at home. How are you sitting down? Are you at your desk just hunched over all day? Are you sitting on the sofa and you’re just in one position, or lazy? Well, this puts a lot of stress through our back extensors, these are the muscles that are key to our posture and they keep us up in an upright position. So, follow these exercises and we’ll work through that back stiffness.

Exercise 1


The first exercise that we need to do is nice and simple, we’re just going to be sitting in a chair and all we’re going to do is lower ourselves down towards the floor. Start with an upright position and lower yourself down nice and slow, taking deep breaths as you go Hold this position for about 60 seconds, and if you want to increase the stretch you can always grab hold the back of your legs, pulling yourself down even more.

Exercise 2


Next exercise we’re going to do is nice and simple again. So, we’re going to start off laying on our back, we’re going to have our knees in a bent position, and all we’re going to do is rotate our knees from side to side. And it will look a little bit like this.

Exercise 3


The last exercise we’re going to do is called the world’s greatest stretch. We’re going to start off in a high plank position and then bring our foot towards our hand. That same hand that’s next to the foot is going to touch the floor and we’re going to rotate all back around, so that your hand’s high up in the air. And then once we’ve done that we’re going to bring our hand back around and bring our elbow towards us, same foot again. Repeat this exercise eight times on each side.


Repeat all of the exercises as a whole, whenever you get back stiffness or achiness.


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