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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)


As individuals, we all have a certain thought process. We all have a way of analysing our thoughts and beliefs and we end up forming a belief system and a pattern as a result of this belief system and it embeds in our language, quite strongly.

What is NLP?

NLP is something that helps you understand your limiting beliefs, and what’s really stopping you from achieving your goals. Your goals can be anything, to get over a phobia, to lose weight, to get rid of pain, to have better health, but you need to understand what limiting belief pattern you have formed in your subconscious mind, that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

The power of the mind and our mindset helps to define who we are as individuals. It also helps us to overcome a lot of everyday setbacks and hurdles.

So what we would like to know from you is, when’s the last time you felt that you can’t achieve something? You can’t achieve a goal, you’re not capable of doing something or you’re not good enough? There’s this constant feeling of self doubt, self belief, constantly feeling empty or that something is missing in your life. These are common feelings that we all address every single day.

NLP helps you understand the language you’re speaking to yourself and your certain thinking processes. Thinking process can cause a lot of fear, anxiety and pain within ourselves. It’s really important to understand that it is our own thoughts and mind processes that can actually stop us from achieving our goals. These patterns can be very negative because we go into this negative spiral or thought process, which can say and make us do certain things which are not always right. So when adversity strikes, we might just react in a very bad way, but was that reaction really needed? Could it be any different? Or is this a common pattern that you constantly have the sudden bad reaction?

It is NLP that helps you understand this and empowers your thought process every single day, which can be used to understand your patterns, break phobias, help you achieve your goals.

How can I find out more about NLP and if it is something I may benefit from?

Our Physiotherapist Fatimah is trained in NLP and life coaching. She is very passionate about it, as she can use it alongside physiotherapy treatment to helps address clients issues. As an example, if a client comes in with back pain, this can get exacerbated because of stress and anxiety that they’re having in their life because of fear or loss that they have just experienced.

Fatimah has many cases where she has used NLP to empower her patients, allow them to understand their patterns and how they can break through to help them achieve their highest vision and goals. Visit Fatimah’s profile here to learn more and book in!

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