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Online Health

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Online appointments and Classes designed by our Experts in Body, Mind and Nutrition Specifically For Your Health and Wellbeing. Learn more by watching our informative video.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of specialists that position the body in an optimal place to heal itself with our unique 360-degree approach, we get results. We can provide you with the latest therapeutic modalities and treatments to get you moving and out of pain quickly.

Being at home for long periods of time can be a stressful event so our team have come up with activities and sessions to help improve your mind, create relaxation and de-stress from all the worries around you.

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing puts nutrition at the heart of the body.

We are strong advocates for making sure you are not only educated but guided to make the right health eating and nutrition choices for your body to be in tip top shape.

Mobility Training

Regain Control of Your Mobility With Our Mobility Classes

Our mobility classes bridge the gap between strength and flexibility.

Having a functionally strong body, one that can keep up with your daily tasks is fundamental to health and freedom of movement. Flexibility contributes to the range needed for completing your daily tasks. For the body to remain stable and in control of the desired movement is a crucial part of moving safely. We call this active range of motion.

Our mobility classes not only improve your body’s resilience on what you can already do, but it will give you a chance to increase the capacity of what you’re capable of.

This is a minimal equipment class. The only things that may be required are:

-a solid small ball. A lacrosse ball is ideal, but even a potato will work!

– a light resistance band.

– 2 yoga blocks or thick A5 books.

The programming of these classes implements the use of isometric strength work, which lessens the inflammatory response in the body unlike other modes of strength training. This is crucial whilst the body heals from an injury.

We work with footballers, stuntmen and other professional athletes who have all noticed sizable improvements in how they move, both in their discipline and their home life.

Our mobility for athletes class is ideal if you are looking to maximise your movement potential and increase your bodies resilience when it comes to preventing injuries.

We work with a wide variety of clients who over time have noticed more aches and pains in their bodies. These are often clients who have been relatively sedentary due to work or other lifestyle commitments.

The class is designed to increase stability and restore healthy ranges of movement in the joints. This class is ideal for people who want to regain confidence in moving their bodies freely and pain-free.

Choose and book a wide range of classes here.

Classes designed by experts specifically for the purpose of maintaining, nurturing and improving your
Body, Mind and Nutrition

Stretching ClassTuesday5.30 PM6.00 PMMonika
Hypermobility Pilates Thursday 4.00 PM5.00 PMClaire
Mixed Level Pilates (Ongoing class)Thursday 7.15 PM8.15 PMMarina
CORE Workout Class (Advanced)Friday8.00 AM8.45 AMMonika
Stretching ClassTuesday5.30 PM6.00 PMMonika
Hypermobility PilatesThursday 4.00 PM5.00 PMClaire
Mixed Level Pilates (Ongoing class)Thursday 7.15 PM8.15 PMMarina
CORE Workout Class (Advanced)Friday8.00 AM8.45 AMMonika

Meet your Tutors

Aaron Trim

Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer
Breege Toumazou - Pilates Instructor

Breege Toumazou

Pilates Instructor
Jamie Cunningham – Rehab Specialist

Jamie Cunningham

Rehabilitation Specialist
Natalie Hurst - Rehabilitation & Movement-coaching

Natalie Hurst

Rehabilitation and Movement Coaching
Stephen Makinde – Osteopath

Stephen Makinde


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