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About Aaron Trim

Health and Fitness is a major part of my life where I dedicate my skills and passion to those who seek the best and most professional support out there. As a qualified Sports Therapist and Specialist Personal Trainer I can not only help you achieve your health and fitness goals, I can also guarantee a wonderful relationship!

From the age of 12, I fell in love with athletics and have progressed into a top level 400m sprinter. Training up to four times a week helped me to reach my true running potential, which got me onto the International stage in representing Great Britain. My running career convinced me that the health and fitness industry was where I wanted to dedicate my future.


Bsc (Hons) Sports Therapy
Rehabilitation – (Musculoskeletal and Sports Rehabilitation)
K Laser – (Class IV Therapeutic Laser)
Shockwave Therapy
Dry Needling – (Level 5 – Acupuncture)
Electrotherapy – (including Ultrasound, TENS and EMG)
Gait Scan Specialist – (Foot Scan/Force Plate Analysis and Running Assessments)
Sports Massage – (Soft Tissue/Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release)
Advanced Stretching & Tissue Mobilisation – (Qualified in offering a variety of Advanced stretching techniques which include, PNF – P.I.R, STR, and Oscillatory Stretching)
Strapping & Taping and Kinesiology Tape
R.E.P’s Level 4 – Specialist in the Management of Back Pain
R.E.P’s Level 2 and 3 – Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer

Past experience / employment

I qualified as a Bsc Hons Sports Therapist at the University of Bedfordshire in 2011, where I gained valuable experience in treating a variety of clientele with all types of musculoskeletal and joint injuries. My dream in helping patients began in 2005, where at the age of 16 I started my first ever work experience at St Ann’s Hospital in London. Here I was offered a position as a Physiotherapist Assistant where my duties were to assist receptionists, book/manage appointments and help patients with osteoarthritis in the treatment room. I was also able to lead circuit training sessions for middle aged patients who suffered from knee and ankle injuries.

My experience as a Therapist then began in 2009 at the Flora London Marathon, where I offered professional Sports Massage and Advance Stretching to competitors who represented the MacMillan Cancer Support Trust. Being a professional county and international 400m runner, I was able to relate to the muscle conditions of the athletes and offer professional advice. Following such a successful experience at the London Marathon, I then went on to offer voluntary Sports Massage treatment for athletes at Enfield and Haringey Athletics club where I started my Athletics career.

In 2010, I joined a work experience plan and worked at Luton Rugby Club. Here I was able to treat and assess different types of joint and muscle injuries for the First and Reserve team players. I worked alongside the First team Physiotherapist whom I valued the most as I was able to expand my knowledge on rehabilitation and picking and choosing the correct treatment methods. I graduated in 2011 and wasted no time in furthering my experience. I went to Tenerife to a Warm Weather Training camp with Enfield and Haringey Athletics Club and was lead Sports Therapist in an intense 2 week training regime for the athletes.

When returning from Tenerife I applied for some more voluntary work but in a different sporting industry in order to expand my knowledge on injuries. From November 2011 – December 2012, I was First Team Sports Therapist for Southall Football Club in Hanwell Town, Greenford. As well as offering First Aid support and Pre-Match Massage on match days, I set up a network in which First Team and Reserve Team players could access seven days a week for treatment and advice.

I wanted to further my career in health and rehabilitation, which led me in the direction of Personal Training. In 2013, I took part in a five month intense R.E.P’s course, where I obtained his Level 2 and 3 Personal Training qualifications before I completed my higher and more specialist Level 4 qualification. I now specialise in the Management of Lower Back Pain.

After building up my qualifications, I have had valuable clinical experiences which includes working alongside physiotherapists, diagnosing patients, referring and seeing referred patients and designing rehabilitation programmes. My knowledge and experience does not stop there as my dream is to further my expertise and gain bigger and better qualifications in order to offer the best service that I can give.


“After having shoulder pain and tightness for long time it was a relief when Aaron Trim was able to diagnose the issue quickly by listening to my symptoms. I had several sessions with Aaron, who was able to relieve the immediate symptoms and suggested ongoing exercises to prevent the injury reoccurring. Great team at Perfect Balance and I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for rehabilitation or anyone with undiagnosed sports injuries.”

Alex White

“I’ve been to the Hatfield clinic twice with my daughter (she has been several times before and since) and on both occasions, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge together with the advice and treatment given her. She has had a nagging groin injury and the last time we saw Aaron. I was amazed at what he did with her and the results were visible after an hour session. I would definitely recommend the clinic to any athlete who needs physio or rehabilitation.”

Terry Stoodley

“As a marathon runner I am a regular on the physio couch. However, Perefect Balance at Hatfield were the first to offer a full rehab programme rather than just take my money and sne d me home with a page full of exercises. I have seen Araon on a regular basis and aged 52 I am now running faster than ever as he has not only helped me run injury free but also changed my gate so my performance has improved. I would not hesitate in recommending them. Also they are open on Sunday’s – which is ideal when you are injured and can’t afford to take time off work. They are athletes themselves so know how desperate we all are to get back training!”


“Thank you Aaron for all your help getting Eden back to full fitness, amazing as always.”

Lisa Davies

“The treatment I have received from Aaron has been excellent. I have certainly felt he has understood my goals and has worked with me to address them to get me back training as quickly as possible. I have really enjoyed the sessions- if that is possible!”

David Bullock

Aaron (Sports Therapy) was excellent throughout, from explaining what was going on, to conducting the treatment and providing support and advice to get me back up and running quickly.

Martin Knowles

“I see Aaron Trim for both my sports massages and gym. He has majorly helped me over this winter season and kept me in really good shape going into my outdoor athletics season. I would highly reccomend him!!.

Hannah Williams

“I’ve been Under and receiving help from Aaron Trim with an on going sport injury for the last 15 months +. With his excellent advise, acupuncture and ultrasound stherapy , I am very nearly back to full fitness and excited for the 2018 athletic season. I wouldnt have gotten this far is it wasn’t for him so thank you perfect balance and thank you Aaron for everything.”

Megan Fielding

“I have been seeing Aaron Trim now for well over 6 months. I am a keen golfer and have various issues with my neck, back and elbow! Aaron knows exactly what to do each time I see him to relieve any pain or tightness. I’ve seen lots of sports therapists over the years and Aaron without doubt is one of the best. I trust him completely. He is exceptional in his knowledge and never lets me leave a session without exercises I have to do at home which is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Aaron.”

Sarah Marley

“Just one session with Aaron and I could move again after my back locked up and left me with very limited movement and serious pain. He also gave me some stretches to do at home and great aftercare advice. Thank you Aaron would definitely recommend!”

Amy Sinfield

“I suffered from lower back pain that seriously impacted my ability to walk or perform any manual tasks without a great deal of pain. I noticed a great deal of improvement right from the first session, each session saw further improvement. Please improve on getting softer elbows… those things feel like razor blades!!! After seeing Aaron for the initial consultantion and treatment session, I saw a great deal of improvement and lessening of pain. Each subsequent session resulted in increased mobility, a reduction in pain and a great deal of laughter! Highly recommended!”

Ngozi Ene Segun

“Excellent service once again. Much like my experiences with Stephen and Mark, my appointment with Aaron was great. I felt confident in Aaron’s knowledge and expertise, and that he understood my needs quickly. Aaron treated me in a way that addressed my fitness regime exactly. He was really easy going and friendly, and I’ll definitely go back for more.”


“I saw Aaron Trim for soft tissue treatment and I have to say he was excellent. His diagnosis and movement assessment accurate, whilst the treatment was very effective in reducing pain and helping me get back to full function. Many thanks Aaron.”

Razahussein Jagani

“Aaron has been helping me with a couple of injuries in my foot and hand over some months. He is very helpful and professional and has helped to improve these situations. He’s able to pinpoint the cause of the injury and I have noticed an improvement. I look forward to the appointments as he knows what he is doing and has tried a variety of treatments to increase mobility without pain. I do find the service a little on the expensive side but I don’t think it’s different to other local places so that’s fine, and as I am a member of David Lloyd it’s extremely convenient. “

Virginia Bird

“Offered a free sports massage as a birthday gift which was very much appreciated. This was carried out by Aaron who listened first to my health issues and followed by working in the area of my whiplash injuries. Very professional and clearly knowledgeable in his field. Booked a second appointment with Aaron without hesitation. Thank you! “

Julie Regelous

“Aaron was absolutely awesome. I appreciate the professional work he did and the advise he gave me.”

Alan Hewitt

“I had my first treatment with Arron Trim, and I can’t thank him enough. Friendly, polite and knows a lot. Didn’t rush and took his time to really understand my shoulder issue and my history of treatment. My shoulder has never felt better would very high recommend him! As being a sports therapist myself would say his one of the best I have come across. Thank you Arron! :).”

Megan Da Costa

“Last month I ran my first marathon and if it wasn’t for Aaron I wouldn’t have even made it to the start line! I had a few injuries over the last 4 months or so and he dealt with them all quickly and effectively meaning my training was bearly impacted. As importantly he was patient, kind, flexible re appointments and also gave me lots of help and tips to prevent any further injury. I can’t thank him (and his healing hands!) enough.”

Karen Day

“I met Aaron Trim initially for sports therapy and then booked for 3 sessions of sports massage. I have had back and lack of flexibility problems for years. I met Aaron for an excruciating sciatic pain. Through his assessment and monitoring of the position over the last few weeks, I now feel better than I have for years. I would recommend Aaron without hesitation. He is highly professional as well as being a decent down to earth good guy.”

Ron Mark

“Aaron Trim, the sports therapist was excellent. His manner and job ( massage and guidance for stretching) was very professional and the best I had in recent years in this region.”


“Been to see Aaron for several sports massages and I highly recommend him. He has really helped me with my back pain, and is so knowledgeable, professional and friendly. “

Monica Bedi

“I have had numerous appointments with Aaron Trim at the Hatfield clinic after injuring my hip and lower back. Aaron showed empathy and willingness to work alongside my coach to help me recover as soon as possible, providing treatment, exercises and stretches. He also gave me a better mindset and understanding of how my body works and I am now able to train pain free and have recently run a pb for the 100m. I look forward to the indoor season! “

Ellie-Mae Bandy

“Aaron has been really helpful with a long-term problem with my IT band. It is still a work in progress but I am seeing improvements.”

Janet Wren

“I’ve been seeing Aaron for a few weeks now to resolve issues with my calves and my right hip. Both calves are now almost as new (Aaron’s words!) and my hip is progressing really well. Aaron is professional, he always explains what he’s doing and is working wonders on my troublesome muscles. Thanks Aaron!”

Hazel Weaver

“I had a massage with Aaron Trim as I had overdone it at the gym. The wonderful feeling of tight muscles giving way to that supple strong feeling emerged after a few minutes into the massage and vindicated my gym efforts! This was all accompanied by an enjoyable and knowledgeable ( on Aaron’s part) discussion on running styles, fitness training and muscle development. Altogether a very uplifting half-hour.”

Barbara Pigden

“Had a painful shoulder on recommendation went to see Aaron and he was very thorough and eased my shoulder pain after just one visit. I will definately use his services again, thank you!”

Lee Blackman

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