About Daire Curran

I am from Galway, Ireland and I have been a great lover of sport since I was a young man, and have been fortunate to travel widely working with some of the best sportsmen and women in the world. Among these were Olympic athletes in track and field and bobsleigh, NFL players and All-Ireland hurling teams. I continue to work with an elite group of track and field athletes, splitting my time between them and Perfect Balance.

I am particularly interested in the prevention and rehabilitation of injury, and have a dedicated interest in the long-term health of my patients. I have a strong scientific background, and believe in tying my understanding of science and human physiology with detailed analysis of movement and biomechanics to treat dysfunction, pathology and pain.  Comprehensive holistic understanding of the body, is what will informs everything I do in treatment.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology from the National University of Ireland and a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of East Anglia.


Biomechanics of Injury

Physiology of Injury and Healing

Strength and Conditioning

Sports Injuries; Treatment and Prevention

Ankle and Foot Injuries


MSc. Physiotherapy

BSc. Physiology and Anatomy

National Strength and Conditioning association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Certification in Spinal Manipulation and Mobilisation

Member of the HCPC and CSP

Past experience / employment

In addition to my extensive practical experience I have scientific expertise in physiology and biomechanics. My Bachelor’s dissertation was in exercise physiology and my Master’s dissertation was in biomechanics. I believe my undergraduate training in physiology and anatomy perfectly complements my physiotherapy practice. My rich understanding of physiological systems, together with my expertise in movement analysis, dysfunction and treatment, make me highly qualified to guide patients and athletes in their return to activity, and to help prevent injury in the future.

I have worked with and learnt from some of the best therapists in the world. Through my years of experience and training, I have developed an advanced skillset in manual treatment, including expertise in Guy Voyer’s joint pumping, ART, MET, manipulation and many others. I believe in a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy, targeted exercise prescription and effective communication. The best treatment plans are those that are realistic, suited to the individual, flexible and based on sound physiological and psychological principles.

I continue to be a dedicated student of my craft, allocating time to further study every day, so as to ensure anyone I work with receives the best possible therapy.

Previous Employers:

Oakland Athletics

British Bobsleigh & Skeleton

Galway Hurling

ALTIS Athletics

University of Kentucky American Football

University of Arizona American Football


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