About Daniel Cullen

I use massage therapy to prevent injury and to maintain my client’s ability to exercise optimally and to live pain free. For my clients who are recovering from minor injuries, I aim to help restore proper muscle and joint functioning, and to get them back to the training and lifestyle they enjoy. The treatment I provide is part of a tailored treatment plan specific to the client’s needs and goals.

My background in competitive sports (gymnastics, judo and brazilian jiu jitsu) gave me personal experience of all sorts of sports injuries. I empathise with the impact injuries have on one’s training, lifestyle, and sense of well-being, and I take a special interest in treating sports injuries.

I firmly believe that what makes a human being is more than just our physical body. I consider the person as a whole – including the mind and emotions.


BSc (Hons): Biochemistry

PhD: Cell Biology

Diploma: Soft Tissue Manipulation

Osteopath final year student

Past experience / employment

I originally trained as a research scientist, gaining a Ph.D. in cell biology from Kings College London. My ambitions then took me to a pioneering research laboratory in the United States. This was a wonderful experience, but I discovered that working alone in a laboratory was not for me, no matter how fascinating the scientific research!

After a short career as a science teacher, I began my osteopath training at the College of Osteopaths in North London, in 2013, where I gained my diploma in soft tissue manipulation. I have been treating patients osteopathically for the past 3 years. I now see patients on a weekly basis at the student osteopath clinic in North London. I will qualify as an osteopath in 2019.


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