About Daria Bonanno

Dr Daria Bonanno is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the NHS and has been with the NHS for 20 years. Daria is currently a Macmillan Consultant Clinical Psychologist for the NHS and delivers a service to patient and carers. She has a doctorate in psychology, and specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy. She also has a special interest in personality disorder and autism across the adult population.

She has a broad range of experience in working in multi-disciplinary teams. In her current role she is involved in teaching and supervising health care professionals in delivering psychological support. She says: “The core of my job is really to support nurses in providing the psychological part of the job.”

Cases which Daria has worked on

• Coping
• Eating phobia or anxieties
• Health Anxiety
• Depression (with or without suicidal ideation)
• Body image disturbance
• Challenging behaviour
• Panic Disorder
• Anxiety (with or without suicidal ideation)
• Pain
• Trauma
• Psychosexual difficulties
• Complex Bereavement
• Complex adjustment (e.g. With functional impairment, previous mental health difficulties, drug or alcohol abuse, cognitive deficits, multiple concurrent losses)

Past experience / qualifications

Principle Clinical Psychologist in Primary Care Psychology Services for Newcastle Primary Care NHS Trust

Daria was responsible for the provision of highly specialist psychology service in primary care and acute settings. She provided leadership and supervision to other psychologists, assistants and clinical psychology trainees. Daria was involved in assessment of clients with a variety of physical and mental health problems and offered evidence-based psychological interventions according to their levels of needs.

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