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About Einav Cohen

It seems like I always knew that I want to be a physiotherapist. I was a professional Judo competitor from age 10-18 and was a member of the Israeli Judo Team. Like a lot of the professional athletes I had an ankle Injury that required physiotherapy. That was the moment I understood I want to combine two of my biggest loves- the science of human body and working with people.

In 2013, I qualified from the University of Ariel with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Over the next three years, I worked at one of the bests orthopedic departments in israel and at an MSK clinic treating mostly young adults. My work included outpatient clinics, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and orthopaedic wards. I moved to the UK in 2016 and enjoy working in Private Practice treating patients with a range of Musculoskeletal problems and Sports Injuries.


Fitness Instructor
BSc Physiothpy
PG Oncology and physiotherapy
PG Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Past experience / employment

Working at the hospital I treated patients that had gone through an elective surgery as well as management of multi trauma patients in their acute phase of recovery, providing a high standard of service to patients, including individualised assessment, the devising of treatment plans and delivering treatment accordingly.

In 2014 I also joined as a civilian physiotherapist provider of the Military service allows me to treat a wide variety of injuries, including sport injuries and postoperative, providing sport rehabilitation programs and protocols and Shock Wave Therapy treatments.

During my work I trained as a hydrotherapist and used it mostly to treat chronic pain conditions and neurological issues. In 2015 I qualified as a specialist of physiotherapy and oncology and provided a physical exercise assessments and treatments to individuals and groups.

In addition to my full-time work commitments I trained seniors with fall prevention program at their homes. Einav also has experience with working with clients who have suffered from chronic and recurrent pain.

I have a particular interest in sports injuries and post op rehabilitation. I enjoy nature trips with my two dog , keeping fit and active. Having competing in Judo at National level, I fully appreciate the importance of keeping fit and completing rehabilitation to get back to full fitness for competition. I have a lot of experience working with ACL rehabilitation and knee injuries.


“Very effective treatment by professional experts! I relied on the clinic 3 times: after I suffered a fibula fracture, after a skiing injury which caused a strain of the hip flexor and adductor, and a calf muscle strain. Einav Cohen is very good!”

Oreste Gallo

“I saw Einav when I was in London on holiday and needed a physio for an unexpected injury. She was absolutely fantastic. She was thorough in her examination, proactively explained what was happening and was very clear in answering all of my questions. She even gave me her email to follow up if I had any additional questions. The treatment was also great – I felt much looser after the session. I would definitely recommend seeing Einav if you need a physio in London!”

Ai-Lyn Tang

“Needed physio following ruptured ACL. I have been looked after by Einav for the last 4.5 months. I am delighted with progress. Very professional service resulting in a full recovery and without surgery- would definitely reccomend.”

David Peters

“I have just finished treatment with Einav. Her approach was successful in addressing a previously ongoing issue and she was responsive to related issues as they arose. I would highly recommend Einav.”


Einav is fantastic. Suffering from a back spasm the appointment was easy and quick to arrange and from the first session the pain and discomfort started to reduce and over the next 3 sessions with a combination of treatment and exercises the problem was resolved. Thank you.

Gary Lindsey

“”Both Sophie and then Einav were great physios in rehabbing my knee post-ACL surgery – explaining the recovery timetable and the reason for the order of progression. They were always happy to answer my questions as we went along and were able to accelerate/decelerate my exercises as and when needed. Would recommend either as physios – thanks a lot for your help.””

Tom Czajkowski

“”Einav is a great physiotherapist 🙂 she helped me fix my hip injury in a couple of months. It was always very nice going to her sessions. she is very professional yet you can laugh with her aswell.
She gave me good advices on building a running plan.
She is also very involved with her patients as she has been sending me follow-up emails since my last session.
Would definitely recommend 🙂 “”

Olivia Dorval

“Having been advised to seek treatment on a shoulder injury and facing a 6 week wait for an nhs appointment I went to Perfect Balance at St Paul’s, London. I had an appointment at a time that suited and quickly saw improvements after following Einav’s treatment.”

Fiona Jackson

Made a last minute booking to see Einav with an unexplained knee injury. Started the session virtually unable to climb the stairs and left feeling a different person. Was able to participate in an organised running event 2 days later.”

Scott Bradley

“Friendly team providing excellent service. As someone who is constantly breaking myself at the gym – and needing never-ending rehab – I couldn’t live without the PB clinic. They have a solid, no-nonsense approach to getting you back on your feet in the shortest possible time.”

Darren Isaacs

“”I contacted Perfect Balance Clinic with a groin injury. I was delighted that Einav saw me within one day. She collected information on my training, determined the injury cause and proposed treatment and exercises. She understood my training goals and worked towards fastest recovery route in order to achieve these.
All appointments were always very efficient and punctual but at the same time allowing sufficient time to answer all my questions in depth. I would definitely recommend Perfect Balance Clinic and Einav. “”

Dorota Spychala

“Einav has been great – no nonsense just good advice and persistence!”

Sarah Miller

This summer I suffered a broken collarbone after a cycling accident and I began treatment with Einav five weeks later. I felt she did a great job at understanding my goals and recovery expectations, particularly with relevance to my desire to resume playing basketball. The rehab programme that Einav developed for me felt well-balanced — exercises were both simple and challenging at times. I appreciated her thorough responses to any questions I had as well as her positive outlook. I would definitely recommend working with Einav and won’t hesitate to reach out for further appts if required.

Scott Fisher

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