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I am a highly specialist physiotherapist with an experience of over 11 years. My key interests in life- exercising, reformer Pilates and helping people understand there injuries and what they can do to prevent them. I highly believe exercises can help cure most ailments and should be used as the first line of treatment whenever possible, and I use a holistic approach when it comes to treating my patients. My Motto:” Life be fit for it”


Member of HCPC and CSP
Masters in Physical Therapy
Vestibular Rehabilitation
CRPS both in Paediatric and Adults

Past experience and specialist interests

I have experience working across both the NHS and Private sector. .After completing my Master’s in 2007 from California, i came to UK and spend a few years working with some incredible children both with neurological and MSK deficits for a good 8 years. I then went on to pursue my passion in MSK and as a Vestibular physiotherapist.

I highly believe a good posture is so important to prevent injuries and aches and pains. I don’t fail to educate my patients about Posture in most of my sessions. Fatimah also has a special interest in Womens Health.

Vestibular and neurological effect on Posture. I have recently developed a keen interest in golf and looking to help people develop a better core and stronger knees to prevent injuries in Golf. Nothing like combining my passion for Golf and Career in Physiotherapist together! I love Reformer Pilates and am currently training to teach it.

When working at Guys and St. Thomas’ and then starting at HCT I held the position of match day physiotherapist at Chesham United Football Club. In this position I would attend their matches providing pre and post match massage, taping and general advice. In addition to this I would liaise with the manager about whether or not a specific player may be fit enough to play.


“Have been taking appointments with Fatimah for around 6 weeks. My back was very tight with very little flexibility due to stress, excessive driving, poor posture etc. I had pins and needles in my left hand and general pain down left arm.
My first session was very painful, tough massage, acupuncture, tape on both shoulders for support. Since then things have got less painful 🙂 We are now working on strengthening my back and continuing to improve posture. I now have a lot more movement and posture definitely better.
Would definitely recommend Fatimah.”

Brenda Miles

“I highly recommend Fatimah Parkah as a Physio, she expertly assessed my Achilles injury and undertook a very successful series of physio and shockwaves sessions to get me back to normal and build up my strength to keep me fit.”

Jeremy G

“I had decided to investigate a knee problem, which, over time, had begun to cause significant mobility issues. After an MRI, and discussions with a consultant, it was decided that I should seek the support of a Physio. Fatimah has been very helpful in talking through my concerns and explaining the options. In particular, she has helped me regain confidence in my knee, through non-surgical intervention. I hadn’t quite realised the degree to which the lack of integrity in my knee was affecting my confidence in the ability to go about my everyday life and, in particular, being able to keep up with my young family. Now that we have started to unpick the physical concerns she is beginning to address each aspect through a combination of manipulation, taping and exercise. It is this holistic approach which has been so important on my journey to recovery.

Emma Smart

“I had one physio session with Fatimah and thought she was excellent and very knowledgeable. She gave me some excellent advice and clearly understood the problem I had very well. She also rang me up later to check on me and ask why I had had to cancel my next session (I’d injured myself and was seeing a specialist) and showed concern and an interest in the situation. I promised to contact her when the specialist had finished with me. I can thoroughly recommend Fatimah as a practitioner

Anthony Berk

“I cannot describe how grateful I am for the care I have received with Fatimah and her colleagues. They are technically brilliant, holistic and make you part of your team on your road to recovery. Fatimah and Stephen absolutely have ‘it. ‘ Their aptitude, belief in recovery and consideration of circumstances is first class. If you need help, and you’re not sure, just go. You won’t regret it!! She’s wonderwoman 🙂

Lisa Burton

I have been working with Fatimah at the Perfect Balance Clinic for the best part of 10 months now. I have had a series of 4 major back operations and Fatimah has been leading my recovery through specialist 1-1 sessions to strengthen my core, adjust posture, restore muscle memory and achieve balance. I have seen significant benefits from the program of exercises Fatimah has been coaching me through. This has included a mix of guided sessions in the gym and hands on work including acupuncture. My mobility and flexibility has improved beyond expectation. Fatimah has been incredibly sensitive in her coaching and has encouraged me every step of the way to achieve my goals. She challenges me to go further each time, and finds different exercises to achieve the same outcome where I have had difficulty. I have continued to go from strength to strength and my overall fitness continues to improve under Fatimah’s professional care, at my pace.

Waheed Warden

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