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About Jamie Cunningham

I am a dynamic practitioner with a passion for exercise rehabilitation and biomechanics. My current interests include biomechanical analysis, exercise rehabilitation, and injury screening. I am qualified to postgraduate degree level in Sports Biomechanics.


MSc. Sports Sciences (Sports Biomechanics) (2016-2018)
BSc. Sports & Exercise Science (2009-2012)
UKSCA Planning Effective Programmes
UKSCA Technical Weightlifting
UKSCA Speed, Agility & Quickness
Workloads & Injury Prevention
DSE Desk Assessor

Past experience

After completing my undergraduate degree in 2012, I wanted to develop my skills as a practitioner much more. I began working in America as a sports coach for several summers working with children. I then returned to the UK, and began a mentorship focusing on strength and conditioning with youth athletes for nearly two years. In 2015, I then started working as a technician/exercise scientist at a rehabilitation centre. I was fortunate enough to work with various populations such as, stroke survivors, children, military veterans, and athletes.

I was responsible for the operation and technical use of several virtual-reality training environments (CAREN, DynSTABLE, C-Mill). Alongside this, I obtained my postgraduate degree to continue to further my skills and to gain more specialist knowledge within biomechanics and injury rehabilitation. For two years, I completed an applied research project with professional rugby players to understand the underlying mechanisms of anterior cruciate ligament injuries.


“I recently suffered a T12 crush fracture and also injured muscles further down my spine whilst snowboarding. When I returned to the UK I contacted Stephen Makinde at Perfect Balance straight away for a consultation. After Stephen examined my back he immediately started my treatment in the form of acupuncture and manipulation he also put me in contact with one of his team of rehabilitation specialist – Jamie at PB Hatfield. Together with my ongoing treatment with Stephen, Jamie devised a plan of exercises specifically tailored for me to do at home and later on in my recovery, at the gym. My exercises were monitored carefully by Jamie weekly so that my improvement could be seen and changed when necessary. Three months on and I am completely recovered. In fact, due to all the increased exercise I am fitter now than I was before. Stephen and his team at PB are amazing people who are fully committed to each individual and their professionalism and expertise is second to none. I can’t rate them highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you to all at Perfect Balance.”

– Chris Baker

“Had rehab with Jamie Cunningham at the Luton Clinic after Surgery in Jan 2019, had 4 sessions and each session Jamie explained what exercise was good for me and set out a plan each time to help me on my road to recovery. I am now thanks to Perfect Balances help on the path to a full recovery and back doing full training and feeling great, thank you Jamie and Perfect Balance would recommend highly for there professional approach.”

– David Dimmock

“Following a series of three operations in the last decade, bowel cancer and two keyhole back procedures, I turned to PB for bespoke rehab.
Under the supervision of neuro osteopath Stephen Makinde, who expertly identified my weaknesses I was assigned to rehab specialist Jamie Cunningham and acupuncturist Alex Charles, who over the ensuing weeks staged my recovery in an efficient, progressive manner.
I chose to follow the step by step advice of all three adherently, and as a result I’ve just been able to complete and enjoy a week long hiking trip to the challenging Dolomites terrain of Italy.
Moreover, after a decade long absence from the gym I now enjoy the confidence to participate In a full exercise regime on a regular basis.
Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending PB for their professionalism and expertise.
My back surgeon specifically advised me to seek out a bespoke rehab programme, and as far as I’m concerned it was a fully worthwhile investment”

– Ian Henry

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