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About Jamie Cunningham

I am a dynamic practitioner with a passion for sport and exercise rehabilitation. My current interests include biomechanical analysis, exercise rehabilitation, and injury screening. For the last two years, I have been completing a postgraduate degree specialising in sport and exercise biomechanics.

In my own time, I enjoy keeping fit and healthy using weight training and high-intensity interval training. I take time to attend sporting events and enjoy playing competitive football.


MSc. Sports Sciences (Sport Biomechanics) – University of Chester (completing by October 2018).
BSc. Sports & Exercise Science
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1
Workloads and Injury Prevention Workshop
DSE Desk Assessor


Past experience

After completing my undergraduate degree in 2012, I wanted to develop my skills as a practitioner much more. I began working in America as a sports coach for several summers working with children. I then returned to the UK, and began a mentorship focusing on strength and conditioning with youth athletes for nearly two years. In 2015, I then started working as a technician/exercise scientist at a rehabilitation centre. I was fortunate enough to work with various populations such as, stroke survivors, children, military veterans, and athletes.

I was responsible for the operation and technical use of several virtual-reality training environments (CAREN, DynSTABLE, C-Mill). Alongside this, I began my postgraduate degree to continue to further my skills and to gain more specialist knowledge within biomechanics. I am nearing the completion of the course, which has allowed me to complete a project with professional rugby players to understand the underlying mechanisms of anterior cruciate ligament injuries.


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