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About Julia Diamantourou

I specialise in helping and treating people who have suffered emotional and physical trauma. I have a keen interest in psychology and how chronic pain affects behaviour in particular depression and anxiety.

I graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hampstead in 2010 gaining a Masters degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy. Since then I have worked in different multidisciplinary clinics in Greece and New Zealand. Since my graduation, I have completed a certificate in Ergonomics and Work Space Assessment and a Certificate in Cognitive Psychology.

I come from a strong sports background in horse riding (dressage), tennis, gymnastics and athletics. I have competed in National level in horse riding and I was voted the best horse rider of the year for my club. I have experience with osteopathy and pregnancy and also paediatrics.

I understand that each presentation is different and therefore I strongly believe in forming a trustworthy relationship with each client. I also have experience with working with clients who have suffered from chronic and recurrent pain.


GOsC Registered
M Ost Med
Diploma in Naturopathy
Certificate in Ergonomics and Work Space Assessment
Certificate in Cognitive Psychology
Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy Courses
Experience in helping people with chronic pain and depression


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“Just wanted to thank you soooo much for last night appointment. I did not realise who exactly I was seeing in such a short time. I really appreciate. Somehow I feel less restricted this morning, if not in my mind… I do look like a beaten wife though… I am about to go buy a hot water bottle. Should “”hot patches”” that you put on for a while could do the job as well? Once a report is written on the test of last night, you think I can get a copy as well?
So, many thanks again for your help. Your’re quite a professional. I do feel in good “killing hands”!”


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“Julia was very professional and had a warm kind manner. She was knowledgeable and knew how to adapt my work space according to my needs. I mentioned that I was pregnant and she knew how to handle that too.”


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“I’ve been treated for lower back issues, and Julia has done an exceptional job in reducing my pain and increasing my mobility and flexibility.”

Zita Goodlife

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Excellent care and service by Julia. Intensive treatment and could feel the difference from the first session.

Abbas Jafferali

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“I have been receiving treatment from VJ and more recently Julia from perfect balance for a back and shoulder issue. Both from the beginning have been excellent. I was extremely impressed with their speed of identifying the issues with my injury as it was not sports related and the recommendations they both offered for alleviating my injury outside of the treatment room. Julia in particular has been excellent in guiding on what to do in relation to stretches and changes to make in my day to day activities. I would highly recommend Perfect Balance.”

Eoin Sandford

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“Julia has been a revelation. I have had mid back problems on and off for years and right from the initial consultation Julia identified the issues and the causes. She even spotted postural issues that were exacerbating my problem as I was standing to make a credit card payment after the appointment. After 3 sessions my back feels better than it has in years. Julia has a lovely balance of professionalism and friendliness and shows a genuine interest in her clients and a passion for what she does. She is going to be away for a couple of weeks and recommended a colleague for me to see should I have any issues before my next appointment. I would highly recommend her.”


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“Julia was very professional and had a warm kind manner. She was knowledgeable and knew how to adapt my work space according to my needs. I mentioned that I was pregnant and she knew how to handle that too.”

Zoe Beesley

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“Julia has treated me for a couple of different issues, and she is absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend her.”

Paul Hammond

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“Great experience! I have been going to see Julia at Perfect Balance for a while because of back pain and she was very helpful, the treatment seems to work well and she also gives me helpful tips on what to do and what not to do to make sure it gets better / not worse. Would highly recommend.”

Guido Fredrich

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“I’ve already referred a friend of mine who has injured herself and need some expert attention. I had an excellent experience with Julia at my Osteo appointment and with Sonal for the Sports Therapy. Aside from being attentive, caring and helpful experts. I felt immediately better and I was in a huge amount of pain. They gave great advice on how I could continue helping myself between appointments and answered any questions I had. Really, really positive experience adn I couldn’t thank them enough!”


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“I have TMJ joint dysfunction and Julia has been working to fix it. She is absolutely brilliant at her job and I think we are going to get there. I have also been to Stephen who fixed a plantaris tendon rupture. His accuracy as an osteopath is stunning. I would recommend PB to everyone. Paul.”

Paul Mills

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“Julia is excellent, she’s really helped reduce pain and improve my posture.”

Abishek Balaji

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“Julia was fantastic. I came in feeling twisted and after one session felt immediately better. I would definitely recommend her to others.”

Shaun Speirs

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“Julia was amazing to work with, she understood my condition and knew what pain I was going through. Each session builds upon the previous one letting me feel a significant difference in my body. She is knowledgeable and very personable, I’m very glad to have chosen Perfect Balance!”

Ben Davies

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