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About Lucy Georgiou

I am a keen sports person and previously took part in lots of sporting activities, mainly gymnastics and ballet, which is really what got me interested in how the human body works both at its best and when injured. I have completed a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine in London and having gained previous experience as a massage therapist, I feel equipped to deal with a wide range of injuries. I am proud to be part of the team at Perfect Balance Clinic! I also have experience with working with clients who have suffered from chronic and recurrent pain.


GOsC Registered Osteopath
M. Ost. Med
Diploma in Naturopathy
Certificate in Medical Acupuncture
Lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine
Kinesio Taping
Cranial Osteopathy

More about Lucy

I provide Osteopathy in Perfect Balance’s sports injury clinic and also alongside Sara Randall, our Osteopath Midwife, in the Mother and Baby Clinic for expectant mums and all aspects of ante and post natal care. Although they are two ends of the spectrum, I find it interesting working with athletes and pregnant women. I graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine where I undertook the Masters programme in Osteopathy. I have also worked in the pain clinic at London’s Royal Free Hospital.

I think this knowledge and dedication to my work means that I am the right person to get you back on track and in good working order! My training has included extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology which help me to decide on the best course of action to take with most injuries. My skills in applying techniques to my clients have led to many quick recoveries and remedial work to help loosen tight aching muscles.


“It was my first session with Lucy who was extremely professional and understanding. She understood my back problem immediately and knew exactly what to do about it. She explained what she was doing and why. She advised me what I should/shouldn’t do afterwards.”

Sue Mills

“Initially I had thoracic problems, stiffness in neck and shoulders and was in considerable pain. Lucy managed to loosen those areas with several treatments. There was great relief even after the first session! As part of the treatment I had a sports massage which was great. I have since been back to clinic several times for ‘maintenance’. I was given lots of exercises to do on a daily basis and providing I do that all is good.”


“I have been coming to see lucy for treatment on and off for several years now. I had serious back issues and an opperation 10 years ago and since saw many different physios, osteopaths and chiropractors. It was not till I started seeing Lucy that I felt a real improvement in my movement which only improved with each session I had. Lucy wasn’t just interested in reducing/removing the pain (which she did), but also helped to look at ways to make things better through linking the services of the whole clinic which resulted in my overall health and fitness improved. If I ever have problems I go back to lucy because I know she will do what is best for me to get back to how I want to be. Would recommend to anyone, and can not sing her praises enough, she is always friendly and informative by explaining the process and helping to understand the benefits of what is being done.”

Patrick Barrett

“Lucy is an excellent osteopath. She is competent, friendly and has an excellent bedside manner.”

Ian Kangisser

After having a biking accident, I was left in a neck collar for a while. However, the pain never really abated, and that was when I was put in touch with Perfect Balance Clinic. My impression of the set-up right from the start has only been exceptionally great, far exceeding any experience with other osteopaths. Initially, I saw Andrew, who was very understanding of the issues. He helped progress me massively – his whole aim was to get me better so that I wouldn’t have to return to the clinic. When I hit a plateau, he did the professional thing of transferring me to Lucy Georgiou for a second opinion. I have been seeing Lucy ever since, and the ongoing difference she has made is unbelievable. She is always so ready to explain what is going on with my back and neck, so that I understand exactly what it is that she is treating. Lucy is always professional and personable. My whole experience here has been outstanding, and that is why I have recommended many of my friends and family.

Dan Price

“I was recommended to Lucy at Perfect Balance by a colleague after I started experiencing pain in my upper back and shoulder area. Lucy made an immediate difference and not only did she virtually eliminate the pain within a few sessions, I was also able to keep up my training throughout. She has been superb in all respects and would strongly recommend to others. Thanks!  

Shahid Nawaz

“Lucy is very professional and tells me why and what she is doing to help me with my head pain and in 3 visits has made a difference also given advice. What will help Also has listened to me I have never been to osteopath before but would now recommend to my friends and family.  

Candice Ellacott

“My treatment with Lucy Georgiou for pregnancy related pelvic pain was excellent. She was reassuring, thorough and provided high quality treatment and advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone for womens health osteopathy.”

Abi Hunter

“Many thanks to Lucy for helping me through the latter stages of my pregnancy. After being handed crutches and told to stay off my feet to deal with my pelvic pain by staff at the NHS, I sought a different approach by way of Perfect Balance. She was able to assess and treat my symptoms by providing me with the knowledge of how my body came to be in that particular state and what could be done to help alleviate the pain. With targeted pregnancy massage and light exercises to undertake at home, I was walking with a lighter step after every visit. Post pregnancy I am eager to start the Pilates sessions to continue strengthening my body. Thank goodness for Perfect Balance!”


“Lucy Georgiou continues to be excellent in every way. She is warm, friendly , very professional and effective in treating my problems. I would recommend her to anyone who has musculoskeletal problems.It is a shame that the clinic does not have air conditioning!”

David Clive Rose

“I recently saw Lucy because of a back problem. She fixed me within 2 sessions. Her approach was engaging and professional as well as her obvious technical expertise. I would definitely use Lucy again and would recommend her to others without hesitation.”

Phil Ruebotham

I was very pleased with my visit to Lucy regarding my sciatica problem. She diagnosed my problem quite quickly, and gave me an achievable exercise routine to help with my recovery, am looking to book my follow up appointment in a few weeks to discuss the results, highly recommended.

Michael Dixon

Lucy is a professional, very competent osteopath who I have consulted over the last 5 years. Recently she has been working on a lower back problem I incurred caring for my daughter. She clearly explained the problem and what general treatment she intended to use. She then explained clearly what specifically she was about to do at all times. She is friendly and reassuring (and importantly for me) very tolerant if I have problems relaxing into the treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend her – and in fact have done so to friends and colleagues.  

Brian Taylor

“As ever Lucy was very professional and explained what had happened and treated me appropriately and thoroughly. She offered me Acupuncture but respected my view on not liking needles. 

Jennifer Schaverien

“I saw Lucy Georgiou regarding my knee swelling and pain. She was very thorough and understood my issues. Very informative and professional and I feel confident that she can help me back to recovery. 

Emma Pollard

“Having suffered neck problems and pain for over 2 years I was recommended to see Lucy Georgiou for treatment. I have had 4 sessions with her and I can honestly say my neck has improved tremendously. I have more flexibility in my upper body as a whole without suffering pain on movement. The headaches I was experiencing as a result of my neck problem have reduced considerably. Lucy also carried out lymphatic massage on my right arm, as I suffer from lymphodema. This has proved to be very successful in reducing the swelling and fluid which built up that area, a wonderful outcome. Thanks to Lucy this is the best I have felt for 2 years, I am so grateful.  

Lesley Pollard

“Over the years I’ve seen a lot of osteopaths and physiotherapists to treat a recurrent back problem. However, without doubt Lucy Georgiou is the most effective by far. She genuinely takes the time to understand all the interrelated issues and is really holistic in her mindset. Indeed her alternative interpretation on the cause of my symptoms (in comparison to previous osteopaths) has yielded fantastic results. I have recommended her to many of my friends and all have been super impressed. Thank you Lucy – you make me feel human again!”


“Lucy is excellent at her job and I feel much better after her work. I’m still having treatment but I feel more confident that progress is being made and I am getting better.”


“Lucy has been providing me with great osteopathy care on a regular basis for a number of years now. I’ve had on-going issues with my back and hips, and her healing hands have made a great difference and I always feel a vast improvement following every treatment. She’s enabled me to be a lot more active and pain-free. Lucy has helped me gain a greater understanding of my body, and I’m always impressed with her knowledge. She’s always friendly, caring and professional.”

Melanie Ward

“I came to see Lucy for some osteopathy on my upper back and neck. Lucy was immediately confident that she could improve things and indeed correct things for me – music to my ears after years of discomfort! Having tried other treatments I was sceptical but hopeful and Lucy certainly delivered on her promise on being able to help. After a few sessions I was pain free and remain so!! Lucy was extremely attentive and approachable and really listened to my needs before each treatment. I have recommended her to so many others.  

Kate M

“Lucy took a thorough history and examination, then manipulated and did acupuncture. My back feels so much better. I’m so glad for the recommendation. Thank you lucy!  

Jo Wills

“I visited Lucy, with what turned out to be a prolapsed disc squashing a nerve, unable to stand up straight let alone walk. Lucy helped ease the immediate symptoms and, given the 6-8 week waiting time for the NHS, talked me though arranging an appropriate private MRI scan and consultation, discussing the results in the interim. Initially I visited twice a week for manipulation and to ease muscle tension resulting from the nerve related spasms. I know from the post visit relief that it helped me recover much faster than I otherwise would have. When you are in so much pain all you really want is someone to help fix it. The helpful explanations, encouragement, reassurance and general kindness are a very welcome bonus! I’m still getting back to full fitness but I’ve just returned from a cycling holiday in the Majorcan hills – you can’t say fairer than that. I thoroughly recommend Lucy and Perfect Balance. 

Mike Payne

“I will put a review on Google at some point but for professional reasons I need to make it anonymous. However in the short term, please accept my feedback that Lucy is a really important part of my overall wellbeing; I have consulted her for about 5 years on and off (mostly off because of the work she does) with a hip problem which was caused by a fall and occasionally flares up. The benefits that Lucy brings are significant and she helps me lead the life I would like to be leading.”


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