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About Mat Pollard

My fitness regime centres around weight training which I have participated in for over 20 years. In my early years of training I experienced many injuries through inadequate knowledge and improper warm-up and cool-down. Approximately three years ago I began to get pain in both my shoulders to the point where it was even affecting my sleep. I booked in at Perfect Balance Clinic in Hatfield to see a Sports Therapist who realised that I needed Physiotherapy and referred me in-house. It took about 12 weeks of stretching and strengthening various muscles to fully realign my shoulders to the point where there was no discomfort at all. I was amazed and realised that I wanted to get into this line of work and, if possible, work for Perfect Balance.

Now I am a qualified therapist I can recognise all the mistakes I made in the gym and my training has come on in leaps and bounds with no injuries at all. I take great pride in working closely with my clients as individuals and tailoring my treatments to their specific injuries.


Certified IASTM Practitioner
BTEC Level 5 Diploma Sports Massage Therapy
BTEC Level 4 Diploma Holistic Massage Therapy
ITEC Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology

Past experience / employment

I graduated as a Sports Therapist and Holistic Therapist through Essentials for Health in London December 2012. My treatments are designed around restoring muscle balance through lengthening and reconditioning tight hypertonic muscles and building strength in the weaker lengthened muscles. Muscle balance enables the body to perform more efficiently with less injury.

I have over 1000 massage hours under my belt which include treatments for Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Plantar Fasciitis, Lumbar Pain, Shoulder Impingement and Chondromalacia Patella, while also maintaining muscle condition for local Athletes.

Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage as it’s also known is not just for the sports person. If you have any pain or discomfort please come in for a treatment as you will usually feel the benefit after just one session.

Mat is qualified to perform the following techniques:

  • Myofascial Release – Direct, Indirect, Shearing and Thumb Rolling.
  • Jones Strain Counter Strain.
  • Transverse Frictions.
  • Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) Inhibition & Digital Effleurage.
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET) Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR).
  • Soft Tissue Release (STR).


“I’ve been to the Hatfield Perfect Balance Clinic as I had pulled a muscle in my lower back and I also have had a long term shoulder problem. I have been getting treatment from Mat Pollard over the past few weeks. He’s been absolutely brilliant, and has given me some great advice. I will certainly be recommending him and Perfect Balance Clinic to others. I definitely give Perfect Balance 5 stars, great value for money 🙂”


“I regularly visit Perfect Balance for sports massages with Mat Pollard. The treatments have been very thorough and therapeutic. I have found them very useful in helping to deal with various existing niggles and effective as a preventative measure.”


I was referred onto Mat by a member of Perfect Balance, Stephen Makinde five or so years ago which has been a godsend. Mat always greets you with a smile and works tirelessly throughout an hour’s treatment and appears to intuit the areas that are causing the problem. I believe he has a natural and rare gift and is an invaluable member of Perfect Balance. I can now go walking and gardening which were things, this time last year, I was completely unable to do. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done and is still doing for me for which I will always be immensely grateful.

Elizabeth Tabraham-Palmer

” Mat Pollard is a true God, When I first started seeing Mat I as like a cripple with the movement in one of my legs and back. This was due to my job lots of sitting at desks and to much time in a car, Mat informed me, something that I am sure a lot of us suffer from in later years. I had been to see numerous other people who couldn’t seem to help me and told me it was arthritis and I thought this is just how my life is going to be now. I had to see Mat a lot to start with and now I have changed things in my life as he suggested and now I see him once every 2 or 3 weeks. My life now is back to normal thanks to Mat.
Thank you Sir Mat. “

Charles Meacham

“I’ve now had 4 sports massages with Mat Pollard, all targeting different areas and issues which materialise through my marathon training and fitness coaching. I can’t speak more highly of him…he is an absolute legend! I’m totally inspired by his knowledge and ability to work out where the routes of my problems come from each time and I’m loving learning so much more about the human body whilst he treats me! Thanks Mat!”

Carrie Luxembourg

“I have been having sports massages from Mat Pollard at PB Hatfield for over a year.He is always very friendly and extremely professional at all times. He is also very good at massage! Without him I would not be able to continue to play tennis – he keeps everything working and always listens to my particular issue each time I attend. I leave the clinic feeling 6 inches taller!


“I’ve had several treatments now with Mat, and am continually impressed with the professionalism and skill he works with, easy to talk to and obviously extremely knowledgable about the practice. He doesn’t just stop with the treatment but actively recommends stretches and exercises to strengthen and build upon the work he does, he is clearly very passionate about what he does and this shows. I would most definitely recommend Mat.”


5-star experience – thanks to Mat Pollard – an excellent Sports Massage Practitioner and all-round very knowledgeable and personable chap. Always learning so one feels in safe hands. Would highly rate his latest foot manipulation therapy. For weeks before much discomfort in my feet and legs – for the last 2 weeks since – NONE! Enough said. Thanks Mat

Rachel Hutchings

” I have used Perfect Balance for several services. Mat Pollard is excellent at deep tissue massage. Stephen Makinde is making very good progress with a longterm difficult injury I have had. I have also seen Aaron Trim, who helped tweak my running technique and Nicky Pilbrow is helping with my lower limb flexibility. As you can see, there is someone to help with any aspect of your wellbeing.”

Colin Rouse

“Matt Pollard is always helpful and active in getting results. I’m currently struggling to shake off a recurrent injury and his persistence is great. He is positive and encouraging as well as knowledgeable in his craft….even if he does inflict pain (‘good’ pain) on occasions!”

Stewart Pepper

“Very professional and great manner, asked lots of questions before treatment and reassured throughout I will be using PB again , especially Matt.”


“It is clear that Mat Pollard not only enjoys his job but excels at it! I’ve been having trouble with my neck and upper back for some years and Mat’s vast knowledge as a sports massage practitioner has proved a fascinating learning experience for me and, I’m pleased to say, helped relieve the problem. He’s well worth having to wait to for and his friendly manner and sense of humour helps distract from any pain he needs to inflict.”

Alison Anderson

“I had a massage with Mat who was fantastic and really worked my muscles hard. I had been struggling with my running, fatiguing quickly, Mat’s superb knowledge again pinpointed the problem and as a result, my running feels so much better! Would definitely recommend. “

Charlotte Chapman

“Mat’s service is always amazing”

Clair Drage

“I received a number of treatments from Mat Pollard for my painful plantar fasciitis problems. Over the period, week by week, the problem eased, to the point where I am now back running without pain, fantastic service.”

Martin Beer

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