About Olga Hayward

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated sports injuries therapist and Pilates instructor.
I always was fascinated about human’s body, it’s anatomy, pathology and healing process. I gained university knowledge and ongoing work experience helping me understand it and gives the confidence to treat various musculo-skeleton injuries.
I often use sports massage as a hands-on tool to found out more about client problems and to build important trust. I enjoy exercising Pilates to maintain my core muscles strong, which are fundamental to keep good posture and to keep lower back pain away. Moreover, I enjoy teaching Pilates to share these great benefits with my clients. To provide quality sessions I teach Pilates as one to one and in small groups.


BSc in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
APPI Pilates Matwork, beginners to advance levels
APPI Pilates ante and postnatal
Kinesiology Tapping
VCTS Diploma in sports massage
Diploma in pregnancy massage
NASM personal trainer

Past experience / employment

At Perfect Balance clinic as sports therapist I combine deep tissue massage, muscles taping and exercises programs. Also, I teach one to one Pilates to strengthen postural muscles. Working at Perfect Balance clinic is inspiring and I am proud to be a part of such a great team.
Alongside I work in a hospital in Wimbledon at the physiotherapy outpatients wing. Often I treat patients after hip or knee surgery.
Being a mum and going through pregnancy’s and motherhood motivated me to work with other mums. I teach postnatal Pilates in a small group to help mums to rebuild a strong body and self-confidence.
I graduated in 2011 form Middlesex University as a Sports Injury Rehabilitator and recently I took a range of Pilates courses at APPI – Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institution. I believe that this knowledge, my skills, and work determination are good contests to provide excellent treatments.
My work ethos is not only helping people recover from their pain or injury’s but ensuring that they return to a level of fitness higher than before to prevent any future recurrence.


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“I attended the clinic with an issue with my left ankle as I had not been able to run for over 4 months and needed to start training again ready for the London Marathon 2019. I was initially seen by Stephen McKinde for diagnosis (issues with my static nerve higher up my leg) and I also received some immediate treatment including acupuncture. Additional to seeing Stephen I also embarked on sports massage therapy with Olga Hayward to get my muscles both loose and working properly and together once again. To cut a long story short, within 4 weeks I was running again (up to 6 miles) and 4 weeks further on I had run over 14 miles and rarely felt better! I still continue to see Olga as a vital part of my marathon training schedule and to keep my muscles as injury free as possible.”

-Antony Tinker