About Sina Behbahani

Your lifestyle is almost unique, so you got to have a specific treatment plan too.

As an Osteopath and researcher in the field of Health Psychology, I like to offer practical advice as well as a good treatment. You got to find out what exactly caused your symptoms, how to treat it and how to prevent it in future, and I will help you at each step of this journey.


Bachelor of Osteopathy

Craniosacral specialist

At masters of Clinical Health Psychology

Qualitative researcher: Diverse Health Model; A Grounded Theory

Designer of Clinical Communication Masterclass

Past experience / employment

I can offer Structural, Cranial or Orthotic service. But hey, what does all that mean?

Structural treatment is physical treatment where I adjust a joint in your body or balance the tone of your muscles. Cranial treatment is very gentle yet effective to de-stress your body and let the tension gets released. Orthotic is all about your feet and the huge effect that your feet have on your knee and low back.

Working throughout my long education, having seen east and west, Studding Health psychology and treating many patients made me celebrate diversity. What I learned from life is this: You do not need to be fit, pretty, well-spoken, rich or covered in brands, being a good human is enough! The art of Osteopathy helps me to relieve you from relevant difficulties and I am really proud of it.  Any questions? Contact me below


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