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About Sonal Patel

Sonal’s instinctive desire to help others and witnessing family members undergo exercise rehabilitation post-surgery was a major influence in becoming a Sports Therapist. From a young age, she was actively involved in sport, taking part in a number of school and borough competitions.

The prevention and treatment of injuries is a real passion of Sonal’s, particularly seeing individuals improve through exercise rehabilitation programs. Keeping her clientele out of the clinic and helping patients stay match fit; pain-free and productive at work is her passion for Sports therapy.


BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy
First Aid at Work
Diagnosis of sporting injuries through examination and assessment
Prescription of a variety of treatment modalities
Sports Massage
Exercise rehabilitation
Dry Needling
Kinesiology and structural taping
Peripheral and spinal mobilisations
K-laser (Class IV Therapeutic Laser)
Shockwave therapy
Electrotherapy (ultrasound, TENS, EMG, Laser therapy)
Gait scan analysis
Application of Ossur Brace fittings (Knee conditions)

Past experience / employment

My degree as a sports therapist coupled with my experience in both sporting and clinical environments have aided my ability to assess, diagnose and treat at a high level. Identifying the root cause of your injury is key, the rest is easy just as long as you carry out your homework!

I studied at the University of Hertfordshire whereby I gained first-hand exposure alongside a number of football and rugby pitches. Attending to acute injuries such as cuts, wounds, sprains, and even concussion aided my first response experience.
I had the pleasure of being selected to take a placement year at London Wasps RFC. This is where I expanded my clinical skills from books to practice. Executing hydrotherapy, anti-gravity treadmill sessions to using neural and isokinetic testing helped me to achieve optimum results and boost recovery.

Since then I have treated a multitude of injuries through a variety of different presentations. My skill set has furthered with the use of Dry needling, Kinesio taping, Instrumented assisted soft tissue techniques, K laser and more. Whether you suffer from Osteoarthritis or tendinopathy or recently had a muscle tear or strain, responding quicker often achieves the best results.

Being a young energetic and passionate individual it doesn’t matter if you are the fastest athlete in your age group, the hard working individual with the office job, elderly or junior, I can be there to help you overcome the boundaries when faced with an injury.

I understand the sensitivity of an injury, the effects it has on your lifestyle and the frustrations of not being able to achieve everyday activities pain-free. Utilizing my skills and adjusting your treatment plan to tailor your individual needs, alongside education about your condition, is a proven way to achieve an effective road to recovery.


“Sonal was great!! She was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. Massage was great, really felt the benefits and would definitely recommend/have already done so!”


“I have always had wonderful service at Perfect Balance. Stephen is by far the best Osteopath I have ever seen. He easily recognizes the problem and always deals with it very effectively. His knowledge and use of different therapeutic modalities is outstanding, and his friendly and approachable personality make sessions both enjoyable and incredibly informative. In addition, his sports therapist, Sonal, provides an incredible sports massage and her knowledge of sports rehabilitation definitely helps provide a much quicker recovery. The team at Perfect Balance have all been wonderful and not only treat my injuries but also keep my body working optimally so I am able to live and enjoy a very active lifestyle. Thank you Perfect Balance!”

Lorraine Goldsworthy

“Sonal has been treating me for almost year as I have progressed in my sport up to qualifying for, and representing, Team GB. Alongside giving me a good telling off when I need it, she has managed and mitigated the worst I inflict upon myself during training – and is a pleasure to spend time with. Sonal is immeasurably professional, knowledgeable and effective; I wouldn’t be able to train and race without her.”

Eleanor Jukes

Perfect environment & location at the David Lloyd Bushey. Sonal was very attentive & informed. Hopefully, I’m recovered now, but would definitely go back if required & thoroughly recommend the practice.

Russell Glynne

“I see Sonal Patel to keep me injury free while I run my 100 marathon challenge. She is the best Sports Therapist I have ever had treatment from.”

Celia Ann Findlay

Excellent work from Sonal. Very good at identifying the issue and then a course of treatment, with useful exercises and guidance that have made a real difference.

Andrew Taylor

“I went to see Sonal as I had a knee injury incurred whilst running. Sonal gave me some acupuncture and massage and a follow-up e-mail with exercises. I found her to be very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting in the recovery of my injury.”

Janet Williams

“I am being treated by Sonal for my shoulder issues for a month. I found her to be very methodical in her approach to quickly identify and start resolving the shoulder issue. I have already noticed a big difference. I highly recommend Sonal and Perfect Balance.”

Manoj Oswal

“Sonal was brilliant; I came to see her with a number of aches and she gave me a very tough session but it has made a real difference.”

Philip Barker

“She continues to provide a gold standard service and is a credit to your business. I hope your management team recognise when you have such a good asset. In regard to my personal treatment Sonal dovetails very well with Lucy.”

Simon Green

“Sonal is brilliant. I have severe degenerative Osteoarthritis. She has helped me to retain some flexibility and improve restricted movement in my joints. If I am in the country I see her once a month. “

David Franks

“I used to play rugby, until a knee injury ended my rugby career. I have a tendency compensate to protect it. Over time this adds up and if I am not careful causes imbalances. This stick man drawing represents some of those. The highlighted areas are the muscles that are weak relative to the opposite side. My whole right leg then! This is where having some experts in your corner comes in handy! I have the team at Perfect Balance Clinic to look after me. Sonal (sports therapist) has done a great job in identifying the issues and giving me stretches and strengthening exercises to help manage the inevitable compensations. While Owen is relishing the punishment he dishes out in my sports massage sessions. If you have any injuries then I would 100% recommend getting these guys to take a look. Hiring specialists to get you results quickly is an investment worth making!”


“I have been for a number of sessions now, and the team have been working with me to develop a plan for getting back to full fitness. Sonal is attentive and remembers lots of details about my conditions so knows exactly where to pick up when I come in each time. She is also great at treatment and I feel better each session, both physically and mentally from the support. Daine is also great, seen him for 2 sessions and he is very knowledgable about musculotendinous injuries and treatment, and has great physically treatment ability and suggestions for rehab that I can do myself.”

Ben Nagy

“I was lucky to see Sonal on the day my back was hurting and needed treatment instantly, Sonal was so friendly and very knowledgeable in her profession, the treatment took 30 minutes and the result was amazing, I’ve had back pain for years and with regular sessions and aftercare advice Sonal has been given me it looks like years of pain are floating away, thank you Sonal :))).”

Richard Short

“I have been treated by Sonal for several months now and would advise that the service she provides is excellent both in terms of being customer facing and a really good treatment provider who shows both knowledge and understanding to her clients requirements. At my request I see Sonal every fortnight and she has quickly established a treatment programme that enables me to perform my martial arts classes twice weekly without constant lower back ache and other muscular nuisances.

As I am 50 this is a real benefit and really aids recovery time. Sonal is also a very friendly and engaging lady who has that clever ability to know when you want to talk and when not. My sessions are never forced conversation as she is so pleasant and that adds to my perfect balance experience. I also feel that Sonal dovetails expertly with Lucy in regard to treatment and on-going health plan. Kind regards.SG. “

Simon Green

“I am currently seeing Sonal for a build up of issues going back 20 years. I have seen a wide range of medical and health specialists over the years and not yet found anyone who can fix me! Sonal very quickly suggested three potential problems, all interlinked, and explained what she thinks is happening very clearly. It is very early on in my treatment but she seems confident that she can help. I am keeping everything crossed! “

Jo Goldberg

“Sonal is a highly skilled and professional sports misuse, currently training in this field at the moment myself I have the highest respect for her approach in regards to her techniques and friendly manner. I highly recommend her. “

Ross Reed

“Sonal was fantastic – great service, excellent knowledge, very friendly and very considerate.
Have already booked another session with her. “

Wiqas Baig

“I am very happy with Sonal so far, she seems knowledgable and gave me good exercises to help me through my marathon training to help me manage a niggle I have developed before seeing her, this was on my previous (first) visit however. I am continuing to see Sonal on a regular basis for sports massage as part of my normal training and am happy with the way things are going.”

I’ve already referred a friend of mine who has injured herself and need some expert attention. I had an excellent experience with Julia at my Osteo appointment and with Sonal for the Sports Therapy. Aside from being attentive, caring and helpful experts. I felt immediately better and I was in a huge amount of pain. They gave great advice on how I could continue helping myself between appointments and answered any questions I had. Really, really positive experience adn I couldn’t thank them enough!”


“I totally recommend, since I start my treatments with Sonal my back is much better. I used to go different massagist and try different techniques but nothing really works, but I found Sonal when I couldn’t even move my neck and I don’t have words enough to express my gratitude for her effort, she always is on point. I also try one session with Daine and I love it, I will repeat with him for sure. Now I can say you have what you pay, and it’s totally worth it, every single session, very effective and professionals.”

Montse Abella

Sonal was fantastic! For someone so petite, she certainly has an unbelievable strength! She was professional, knowledgeable and lovely to chat to too, which was nice as it certainly wasn’t a relaxing massage! My calves were the issue and Sonal really worked them hard and found knots I never knew existed. I would certainly go back and see her again.

Victoria Stephen

“I had an extremely friendly and professional experience at the Perfect Balance clinic, I would highly recommend Sonal as a therapist.”

Lynn Rae

Sonal is friendly and professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Jane Jaffe

I had shoulder and neck pain which was causing a lot of tension in my head and giving me headaches. I was treated by Sonal who was very thorough and quickly pinpointed the issue. I had a 30-minute session which included a massage and some stretching techniques which I am able to continue at home. The team were very quick and responsive and helpful.

Sophie Conway

“I am being treated by Sonal for my shoulder issues for a month. I found her to be very methodical in her approach to quickly identify and start resolving the shoulder issue. I have already noticed a big difference. I highly recommend Sonal and Perfect Balance..

Manoj Oswal

“Sonal was referred by my brilliant osteo, Stephen Makinde, to iron out some knots in my neck and felt the difference after just one session. Highly recommended.”

Damian Conboy

“Treated by Sonal and continue to work with her, exceptionally knowledgeable. Highly Recommended.”

Elyas Coutts

“Always excellent. “

Michael Housden

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