About Victoria Fenton

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, with a background in Nutrition and Naturopathy, I work with clients to address the root cause of their ill health. I combine comprehensive medical diagnostic testing, in-depth consultations and a wealth of clinical experience to help individuals identify, understand and treat their health conditions. My treatment protocols provide bespoke nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and psychology recommendations: recognising that true wellness requires an integrative and holistic approach. I work collaboratively with practitioners of all disciplines, including those in a conventional medical model, to provide my clients with comprehensive support to address all forms of illness. My primary objective is to work with each client in a truly personalised way – empowering people to feel comfortable and healthy within their bodies.


Kresser Institute Certification (Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health)
Naturopathy Diploma
Nutrition Diploma
Diet Specialist Diploma
Metabolic Fitness Professional Certified (Blood Biochemistry and Organic Acids Assessment)
Genetic Analysis Diploma
Hormone Assessment & Treatment Diploma – DUTCH Certified
SIBO & Complex Gastrointestinal Wellness Certification
CBT & NLP Diploma

Past experience / employment

My work within Functional Medicine started when I had to become my own doctor after being diagnosed with a genetic illness (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or EDS – a connective tissue disorder) and was dealing with the many consequences of this condition. Through the systems-biology approach of Functional, or Integrative, Medicine I was able to use nutrition and supplementation – along with lifestyle and psychological shifts – to completely transform my health. I recognised the value of this approach for all kinds of health challenges – and eventually sought to help others using the knowledge and tools I had acquired.

I have run my own independent Integrative Medicine practice for four years and have worked with clients from all around the world. My practice is both virtual and in-person, with my own clinic in Kent. In London, I have previously consulted within the London Clinic of Nutrition and continue to work collaboratively with a handful of leading Harley Street clinicians: psychiatrists, osteopaths and in an industry-leading performance and longevity medicine company.

Specialist Interests

In my practice I offer support for all illnesses, using root-cause, systems-based approaches – there really are no conditions that an Integrative or Functional approach cannot support.

I deal with gastrointestinal conditions, immune and autoimmune system disruption and nervous system dysregulation – tackling complex, chronic conditions and treatment-resistant cases. I also support mental health patients and regularly work alongside psychiatrists to assist those with challenging psychological/psychiatric conditions, trauma histories and eating disorders. I work with behavioural and attention conditions and have successfully employed nutrition and complementary treatments to support the wellbeing of those on the autistic spectrum.

Additionally, I have become a sought-after expert worldwide in EDS and connective tissue disorders. Providing a holistic approach, I often find myself as a lynchpin for people’s healthcare teams – providing a support structure within which positive changes can be made to improve all aspects of health and wellness.


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