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About Vijay Netto

Vijay is an experienced Osteopath specialising in the treatment of backs, necks and chronic pain syndromes. As a movement specialist, he has a thorough understanding of faulty compensations in functional movements. This enables him to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injury as well as retrain underlying faulty movement patterns.

Vijay believes that truly listening to the patient is fundamental in order to conclude both what is affecting their well-being and what can be done to bring them to optimum health with a combination of hands-on treatment, as well as rehabilitation exercise and lifestyle changes where needed.

Vijay completed a four year MA in Osteopathy and has a Diploma in Naturopathy He currently lectures at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and is also trained as Pilates instructor and acupuncturist


GOsC Registered Osteopath
M. Ost. Med
Diploma in Naturopathy
Certificate in Medical Acupuncture
Pilates teacher

Past experience / employment

I completed a four-year Masters degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am both a structural and cranial osteopath and I use a combination of soft tissue, functional positional release and adjustment techniques in my treatments.

I have a background in teaching Pilates and I believe it can be a key part in the recovery process of mechanical problems. I am also trained in Western acupuncture and I will discuss using this approach with you if I feel it is appropriate.

I also have experience with working with clients who have suffered from chronic and recurrent pain.

My goal is in helping each one of my clients to achieve their maximum level of well-being. I love treating people and seeing how, regardless of their age or condition, their quality of life improves.

To book an appointment online with Vijay, please visit our online booking page. You can also find out how we can help with rehabilitation or learn about what is happening in the world of healthcare.

Vijay specialises in: Back problems, rhythmic oscillations, soft tissue work and dry needling. He also teaches pilates in individual classes.


“I am extremely happy with the treatments I have received from Vijay Netto and am very impressed with his competence”


“Big thanks to Vijay Netto, he quickly sorted out my back and neck pains that had sprung up overnight. Would definitely recommend him to others for osteopathy treatment.”


“Thank you for your letter. I was happy with the two excellent sessions of osteopathy with Vijay.”

Sarah Lister

“Vijay is a magician! As well as being an excellent osteopath, he throws in life coaching and holiday advisory services for free during the session!”

Sarah Heath

“I have used Vijay at Perfect Balance Clinic for 3 years and can honestly say he has been instrumental in my recovery from a variety of injuries. He has a dedicated approach and has yet to fail in finding out the problem with an injury and then implementing the appropriate recovery process. I would highly recommend his technics and friendly approach.”


“I have seen Vijay for two sets of treatment with a persistent back condition and he has been excellent. Understated while clearly being totally on top of his game he immediately instills confidence which is certainly not misplaced. The fact that he is a Pilates teacher means that he has also been a great help in guiding me with the best rehab exercises.”


“I had very sore calves and strains leading up to my first half marathon. Vijay worked on my calf muscles and ITT band and it was down to him that I managed to run the race with no pain or problems. Thanks Vijay you saved the day!”


“I have been receiving treatment from Vijay and more recently Julia from perfect balance for a back and shoulder issue. Both from the beginning have been excellent. I was extremely impressed with their speed of identifying the issues with my injury as it was not sports related and the recommendations they both offered for alleviating my injury outside of the treatment room. I would highly recommend Perfect Balance.”

Eoin Sandford

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