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Pregnancy: tips to reduce back pain


Back pain during pregnancy is fairly common and it’s not a surprise when you’re carrying all that extra weight around all the time. This should not be ignored though! The little one might be important but taking care of yourself is just as important so keep reading to find out how to reduce back pain during pregnancy.

First, it is important to understand why this is happening. There are a number of factors that can contribute to back pain in pregnancy but they can all be managed with the correct advice. Likely causes include: 

  • Weight gain
  • Postural changes
  • Hormone changes that relax ligaments in the pelvis to prepare you for labour
  • Stress 

Here are the top tips to manage back pain during pregnancy:

Swimming – this is a great way to get exercise in and also helps to take pressure off of your spine during pregnancy. Something as simple as breaststroke or walking in the water can help to ease the pain in your back. 

Posture training – make sure that the head is up straight with your chin tucked in, your shoulder blades are back and chest is out forwards and pull the stomach in and up as much as possible without tilting the pelvis. 

Correct shoes – to help with posture and weight distribution, proper shoes are advised to prevent stress on the back. A low heel raise but not flat shoe and proper arch support is advised for this. Higher heels can throw your balance off!

Prenatal Massage – this aims to decrease sensitivity of the back and any leg pain. Research has also suggested that prenatal massage helps to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and decrease a hormone called noradrenaline which causes stress. 

Acupuncture – studies have suggested that acupuncture reduces back pain during pregnancy as well as reduce risk of medical interventions during labour. 

Stretches – certain stretches for the spine will help to support the back more and give more control over the muscles around the spine. A good example of a stretch to carry out is the cat-cow pose.

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