An Introduction to Pregnancy




Whether this is your first baby or you’re already a mum, pregnancy will be a challenging time. As a new mum you will be anxious about facing the unknown; as a mum with one or more children you will be dealing with a range of family pressures too. Certainly, you will be dealing with various degrees of exhaustion: physical, mental and emotional.

Your body will undergo many changes; some may be familiar, others less so. Even the familiar ones may be accompanied by a touch of anxiety, while those you experience for the first time will make you to question whether it’s normal to feel as you do.

In this free ebook you will learn about;

  • Approaching your pregnancy
  • What happens to your body during pregnancy
  • The choices you have
  • Different treatment options available during pregnancy

Make sure you pick up your free copy now.

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

Quite possibly the best clinic in Hertfordshire. Have seen many people there over the years but I’m especially drawn to Sara who makes my body feel supple and injury free almost immediately!!

No pressure to to return and soooo much advice, help and support given! Thanks Sara

Clare Penning

I cannot recommend Perfect Balance highly enough, I visited them with my twin girls when they were just a few weeks old, they and in turn me and my husband had been struggling since they were born, they cried all the time and had a large number of colic like symptoms. Sara Randall was fantastic she assessed both girls to see if they was anything she could do to help.

Being twins there wasn’t much room in the womb and my girls needed straightening out, this in turn released pressure on their little tummies, which stopped the constant hiccups and trapped wind. After each session the girls were far more relaxed and not scrunched up in little balls screaming all day long, and managed to get some decent sleep, which in turn meant we did too. One of my girls was always sleeping and putting her head to one side, Sara managed to work on this problem and she now doesn’t do this and her head is no longer flaton one side.

Sara gave me such great support and understanding of the problems my girls had. She offered different burping techniques which work fantastically.Anyone who has a baby I can’t recommend highly enough taking your little one for a session or two with Sara, she works wonders!

Sorrel on Sara Randall

I took my 8 week old baby to see Sara Randall at the clinic as he was suffering from signs of colic, waking each night between 3am and 7am with stomach cramps and severe wind. I was not sure if cranial osteopathy would work but after weeks of no sleep and having tried all sorts of remedies, I wanted to give it a go.

I was delighted when my son showed signs of improvement after only one session and after two sessions were completely relieved of the colic symptoms. Sara is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend this service to anyone whose baby is proving difficult and unsettled in the early months.

Aoife Webster on Sara Randall

I went to see Sara as my baby had terrible colic. Sara’s treatment came as a miracle to us. I first heard about cranial osteopathy on the Internet but wasn’t sure if it was such a wonder cure as people claimed it to be.After the first session we came home and there was no crying.

She had made an improvement of about 60% I couldn’t believe it. After 2 more sessions my little one was 100% better. Sara also helped me with breastfeeding which made me feel so much more confident and made it a lot easier for us.She has a wealth of knowledge in not only osteopathy but being a midwife and having children of her own really helps her understand exactly what you are going through.

Sara had the answer for pretty much every question I asked and I ask a lot of questions. She is a genius. I just wish I had seen her sooner.

Sophie on Sara Randall

I saw Sara with traumatised nipples, one of which had been previously inverted.Both nipples were red, bloody, raw and very sore, causing breast feeding to be very difficult.Both nipples were treated with K laser, which both reduced the pain and increased the healing which enabled me to maintain breast feeding.

Over a period of a few weeks I noticed a significant improvement, with both nipples pain free and no longer red or weeping. My only regret is that I didn’t see her earlier, though Im sure that breastfeeding in following pregnancies, will now be a much more positive experience.

Kylie on Sara Randall


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