Five Most Common Marathon Injuries


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Become injury-free when training for a marathon with this useful e-book…

We feel it is very important to look after yourself pre-race by doing the right training, sleeping and eating properly then there is the time spent on the couch getting those aches and pains ironed out. At this time of year we see many clients that overtrain or simply do not do the simple basic things that they could do to improve their performance.

In this e-book, we take a look at the best ways to help treat;

  1. Knee injuries
  2. Feet injuries
  3. Hamstring injuries
  4. Ankle injuries
  5. Toe injuries

This e-book was created to help all those who run marathons or are thinking about it.

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

After 18 months of chronic hamstring troubles a friend recommended I see Stephen. I’d torn my hamstring the year before and despite giving it recovery time I was now aggravating it every time I trained. I’d not found any specialist that could help get me back to health and diagnose why I was getting recurring pain. My first appointment with Stephen was a breath of fresh air. He brought a totally new view of my injuries and the treatment that I would respond best to. First and foremost he pin pointed the problem and broke down the re-hab I would need in order to start seeing an improvement.

His knowledge and experience was extensive, understanding illnesses and bio-mechanical challenges I have had since childhood. I feel I’ve found a unique specialist that can truly work with my injuries and as such I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my hamstring and running performance. I now see Stephen as and when I need to just to keep any niggles under control and work on weaknesses.

– 05/04/2017

Christina Jenkins on Stephen Makinde

This is the second time I’ve been to see Stephen in advance of a marathon. I was suffering from shin splints and the first few miles of my training runs were very uncomfortable. I saw Stephen the week before running the Manchester Marathon. Through the treatment during the sessions and also the tips Stephen gave me, I got through the marathon with no shin problems at all and I also achieved a PB on the day. Thanks to Stephen for helping with this achievement. This marathon meant a huge amount to me and to not take part was not an option. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Perfect Balance and I have done already many times.

– 04/04/2017

Esther Cockburn on Stephen Makinde

Amazing people and great treatment, helped me a lot to recover from my hamstring injury last year and got me back to shape quickly. I can already see the improvements this season!!

Robert Green

I came to see Stephen at Perfect Balance this spring after month upon month of battling with a recurring pain in my left foot. I had been diagnosed with a stress fracture (2nd metatarsal) back in March 2012 – seemingly a result of many years of track running (sprinting) combined with poor biomechanics and lack of strength in the ankle joint (which I’d also fractured twice previously).

I followed a strict rehab programme at the time – complete rest, strength and conditioning (rehabilitation) exercises, and then eventually a very gradual return to walking and running, increasing my run time minute by minute. Initially it looked as though the fracture had healed, however the pain returned shortly after my first race back. Devastated and back to square one, I resumed the rehab process once more. I continued in this cycle for the next year; managing the pain and running a limited amount but unable to undertake any real training.

Nothing – neither rest, rehab, nor treatment seemed to work. A second scan at the end of 2013 confirmed that the fracture had returned. Fearing the worst, I came to see Stephen in April 2014 convinced that nothing would fix my foot. I had just about given up all hope of being ever able to return to the track or race competitively and wondered if I would ever really be able to run properly again. Stephen started laser treatment on my foot and was optimistic that he could fix it. I remained dubious! Just over a month later and several laser sessions per week, I was back on the trails. Shortly after that I was coaxed into running on the road.

Much to my complete amazement I am now up to 90 minutes running (both off and on road), and am due to take part in a long distance adventure race in September. I am even entertaining the hope that I might soon return to sprinting. Treatment at Perfect Balance has quite literally changed my life and transformed my training capabilities. It was the best decision I could have made. I am over the moon to be able to run once more! I can’t thank Stephen enough.

Olivia Ross-Hurst – Triathlete

1 review for Five Most Common Marathon Injuries

  1. Perfect Balance Clinic (verified owner)

    I’m a long distance/endurance runner suffered from my first big injury this year and went to see the team in St Albans and have been in top shape since. My ankle is as good as ever and I’ve run over 250k without a problem. Will be using the services and skills in preparation for some major races next year. Thanks to Aaron Sara and Steve.

    – Terry Stoodley

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