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Recover post race with these top tips


Are you wondering how to warm down after a race? This article will provide you with the information on how to recover post race.

“Drink up post race so that you’re replenishing your fluids and calories that you exerted during the race.”

Have you just completed a race? Are you exhausted? The first thing that is probably on your mind is lunch or some rest. 

Please don’t go to sit or lay down just yet, here’s what you need to know about how to recover post race:

  • Keep on your feet. Keep on walking, for at least 15 minutes, keep it at a slow pace. 
  •  As you keep on walking make sure you drink up, you’re replenishing your fluids and the calories that you exerted during the race. 
  • Your muscles have accumulated quite a lot of lactic acid, you now want to give them at least 2-6 hours of rest before you start to stretching. 

Whenever you’re ready after that time has passed, watch our video ‘How you can improve your post race routine in a few minutes’ created by Monika Sikora.

How you can IMPROVE your POST RACE routine in a FEW MINUTES

A post race routine that takes minutes to leave others looking like they are standing still at the start line of your next race!!That’s right! Dominate your next race 💪Planning for your next race starts at the end of your previous race and if you want the same results that our other elite clients are enjoying then just follow this helpful advice…Watch this video…And for even more help and advice comment 'ME' and our team will be able to answer any questions

Posted by Perfect Balance Wellbeing on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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