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Rolled Shoulders…


In the olden days, many jobs required a lot of physical activity and meant that you were standing on your feet for longer periods of the day. Even at school, children did a lot more physical activity throughout the day than today’s generation.

As time’s gone on, we have become a more technology based filled world. And that’s led us to sitting down for longer periods, having many more desk based jobs, scrolling through our phones on social media, or sitting down and binging the latest series on Netflix. And with that ease of technology brings an impact onto our bodies.

Ever since we have moved into a more technology based filled world, we are seeing a dramatic increase in people of all ages having rolled shoulders. This often happens due to slouching more than we used to, and spending a lot more time looking at screens, binging TV, or playing video games.

So what is rolled shoulders?

If we look at our position from the side, you want your shoulders back and down and it should feel comfortable, however when we have rolled shoulders, being in the rolled shoulder position is a lot more comfortable. Having rolled shoulders means we’re slouching a bit more than we should be – in this position, your muscles and your chest are tighter. 

When we look at the back in this rolled shoulder position, the muscles on our backs are lengthened (stretched). They’re holding you up and stopping yourself from going forward. They’re constantly working, and that will produce a lot of tightness onto your muscles and eventually reduce the mobility of the spine. With a range of treatments, including massage, manipulations, and mobilizations, we can get the mobility back into the spine. We also want to make sure that this doesn’t keep happening. So we will take you through a set of exercises, strengthening, and rehab to not only correct your spine, but to stop this from happening again.

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This article was written by our team of specialist therapists at Perfect Balance Clinic. If you would like more specific advice about how our team can help you with this condition or symptoms you may be having, please complete the contact form below and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

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