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Simple, proven method to lose weight


If you are struggling to lose weight despite everything you’ve tried and done before, then this blog is for you.

We see many clients who struggle with weight loss, despite everything. And this stops them doing a lot of things and from wearing certain clothes. Our nutritionist Isha has a simple, proven method that she uses to help her clients lose weight, achieve their goal weight, and feel their best.

Firstly we have to look at a few things, including age, height, weight, lifestyle, foods eaten. Isha looks beyond the normality of the clinical aspects and takes into account gut health. It is important to have the right, healthy bacteria in your gut, as having a high ratio of certain bacteria can lead to obesity or being overweight. There are links with having high inflammatory markers in your body and obesity, this is a new term called Obestrogen.

The priority is healing the body. By doing this, you are automatically increasing the metabolism of your body, and in doing this it reduces the size of the adipose (fat) tissue. We need to make sure to replace bad food with healing foods, so you’re getting the most out of the nutrients that you’re eating.

A second thing we can address that contributes to weight is environmental toxins for example stress. This is something that we can refer internally in the clinic for.

This sounds great. How can I book in with Isha?

Click here to visit Isha’s profile and book in with her today. Alternatively, you can call the clinic, where you can book you in with Isha for a consultation, to start the process of reaching your health goals.

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