Speak to our specialists for a 15-minute phone consultation today

We offer a specialised team of clinicians and therapists, each with a unique interest in the well-being of the body. Tailored treatment is provided for people from every walk of life – whether you have back pain, aches or pains, knee pain, a sports injury, discomfort during pregnancy or even a crying baby who can’t sleep.

Rather than waiting for an appointment to be seen or you simply want to receive fast expert advice as soon as possible, we now offer 15-minute phone consultations who are knowledgeable in the area of your pain. The cost of this phone consultation will be £15.

We have taken time to build our team and we look for practitioners who can bring something unique to the team, not just anyone! This means that we actually do lots of things well.

By listening to what you need from the moment we take your call to the moment we tell you ‘I hope I don’t see you too soon’, we listen, we care and we are professional.

To purchase the 15-minute phone consultation, please click the image below to be taken to the payment process and to find out more of whats involved.