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Tennis Elbow


Experiencing pain in your elbow, struggling to grip onto things? If you are feeling any of these symptoms, then follow these three steps to help with tennis elbow that you might be experiencing. 

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow, otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition which affects the elbow joint as a result of using the muscles that control extension more than they can handle. A lot of the time, we get this in the tendon area, which is most affected.

Despite being dubbed tennis elbow, you don’t necessarily have to play tennis to get lateral epicondylitis. You can get it from repetitive use from day-to-day activities such as lifting heavy bags, lifting heavy objects or holding onto tools for a long period of time.

How do we help fix this issue?

First thing we can do for short term relief is RICE. This stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation, but we don’t want to stop completely using our elbow cause we want the recovery process to continue. Just take a step back so that you can help your elbow to heal properly.

The next thing is self massage and it’s something nice and easy that you can do at home by yourself and is very effective when done properly. We want to avoid going over the tendon itself on the outside of your elbow and going more into the muscles that run down the forearm.

For more long-term benefits, we want to focus on strength, so we perform eccentric exercises to help with this. Eccentric exercises away we lengthen a muscle whilst performing a movement. Examples of this in tennis elbow include wrist pronation, so bring your wrist inwards or wrist flexion, so when we bring our wrist down towards the floor.

Other treatment modalities include shock wave therapy, dry needling or acupuncture, as well as a full rehabilitation program. 

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