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Top 5 Marathon Tips from Perfect Balance Clinic


As Marathon’s edge closer and the excitement of completing the events build, here are some pre-race tips from our team at Perfect Balance. Article by Aaron Trim1 – Mental Preparation

Psychological mental preparation has a key role in the completion of the task that lies ahead.

By setting small milestones, visualising the end goal, self-talking will have a beneficial effect on your performance. Think about why you initially signed up, the deeper cause of helping hundreds of people through charity, and the health benefits that you have achieved over the past year of training! Focus on spectators, signs, scenery rather than any pain or discomfort through your body during the race.


2 – Diet

Ensure you fuel your body with a slow-release carbohydrate for breakfast. A great example of this can be a bowl of porridge. You can always add a source of protein if you are feeling quite adventurous, but adding a few nuts and seeds. Be sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking small doses of water 3-4 hours prior to the race. This will give your muscles enough time to fully hydrate. Avoid consuming high doses of glucose gels and energy drinks.


3 – Warm-up/Stretching

Warm the body up thoroughly by performing a mixture of low-intensity pulse-raising activities and dynamic stretching. This will be sure to increase the blood circulation around the body, send oxygen to the working muscles, and lengthen the muscle tissues to prevent injury. A thorough cool down is just as important as the warm-up. Cool the body down by keeping the body moving at a very low pace (i.e. walking) following by a mixture of mild static stretching. Have some ice packs ready after the race to apply on your muscles/joints to reduce the chances of swelling and tightness.


4 – Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important in your everyday routine. When training for a marathon it is vital to get sufficient amounts of sleep to allow the body’s physiological systems to replenish and restore after the demands of training, Lack of sleep can hinder performance by affecting you psychologically, creating your mind to feel foggy or irritable or not allowing you to focus on the task ahead.

The amount you require is dependant on the individual if you require less sleep and feel adequate during training that’s great. If you feel lethargic or lacking in energy try to get 15 minutes extra sleep! Remove distractions from the room such as dim lighting and the temptations of keeping the television on!. Get into a routine to wake up and sleep at the same time to ensure sufficient recovery!


5 – Enjoy it!

Put a smile on your face. lookup and soak in the atmosphere, YOU’LL BE GREAT!!

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