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What you need to know about setting the perfect training goal to progress in training


Setting a smart goal or a training goal is a very important part of training to measure your success. Training without a goal never works as there’s always going to be a moment when life gets in the way, and you’ll find an excuse not to stick to your plan. This article will explain ways to create your training goals with smart principles.

The quality of your goal matters more than the range of the goal?

Setting goals is a crucial part of your success in training. From a trainer’s perspective, the quality of your goal matters more than the range of the goal, it is all about how you set your goals and how good of a goal it is.

What defines a good goal is that it is combined with smart principles, such as:

  • Make sure the training goal is specific and measurable. What that means to the trainer versus the client might differ vastly, so it’s really important that you and your trainer sit down, put pen to paper, and agree on what your goals means. An ideal world will operate on numbers because it’s a clear and specific measure. However, certain people don’t like scales or numbers. It doesn’t always have to be like that. For example, if you wanted to lose weight you could use clothing sizes as a measure of your success. It doesn’t always have to be six kilos or five stone. It can be as simple as, “I want to fit in the dress for my wedding.”
  • The training goal needs to be achievable and timed well. If it’s agreed that it will take four sessions every week for you to get to where you need to be, your lifestyle needs to support that. If you only have one or two hours to come to the studio or come to the gym, there’s a good chance that the goal won’t be achieved within the time frame.
  • Make sure your trainer agrees on any goals and before they agree on any plan. Sit down and make sure that the time frame that you’re giving your trainer, or yourself makes sense, and is a realistic time frame for you to achieve what you want.

There is a lot more that goes into goal-setting than just a simple, “I want to lose weight. I want to gain muscle.” Your training goal needs to be measurable in order for you to know where you stand, where you’re going, and where you need to be.

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During these sessions, you will be provided with a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and goals to find out your best steps to achieve your goals.

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