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What Everybody Needs To Know About Heel Pain And How To Relieve It!


Who is most likely to benefit from this article? Anybody currently suffering from Plantar fasciitis; an injury that occurs underneath your heel, made worse by walking, running, and standing for long periods of time. This pain can have an impact not just on your physical wellbeing but also on your mental and emotional wellbeing; impacting your daily routine and productivity.

How will you benefit from this article? We have spoken to our experts who deal with this injury on a regular basis and who get results with their treatments to bring you the most effective method for reducing symptoms; promoting healing and helping you to take charge of your life once again!

How can I relieve my pain and control the symptoms?

Taping is used in various ways to help assist with movement mechanics, promote joint stability during movement, and promote healing at injured sites. Emmanuel Nanang (Sports Therapist)

Plantar fasciitis acts like a bowstring to maintain and provide support absorbing shock/ force going through the foot during movement. The use of Non-surgical methods such as stretching, exercise, and other such modalities focus on relieving symptoms, however, orthotics and taping techniques aim to address the main issue: poor foot biomechanics.

People try various treatment methods without the right practitioner guiding them, and this often results in further suffering, increased expenses, and a poorer quality of life.

Should you see our specialist practitioner they will manage your condition for a fast and speedy return to normal life!

The intervention of our specialised practitioner usually involves assessing and analysing your foot mechanics before tackling the underlying issue for an excellent outcome?

Here are 3 things you risk WITHOUT the use of taping:

    • Poorer foot biomechanics, a reduced medial arch with less stability within the foot, and increased symptoms walking, standing or running.
      • Movement is altered due to pain, and posture is affected over time leading to further complications at the knees, hips, and spine.
    • Poorer healing speeds which lead to years of management and possibly expensive treatment fees.

Here are 3 things you will benefit from WITH the use of taping!

    • You will benefit from better foot mechanics, increased stability within your foot and during movement, and a reduction of symptoms.
      • You receive better management for your body, addressing any complications before they manifest.
    • A better healing rate in and around the injured site due to supporting foot to prevent injury worsening, and expensive medical fees; Putting your mind at ease knowing you are in perfect hands.

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If you would like to find out more about taping take a look at the video below to learn about taping techniques to help you with your Plantar Fascia pain

If this article resonated with you then…

Don’t get trapped in a cycle of re-injury worsening every time!

We are here to help give you the support you need with your condition. Our goal is to give you very quick and effective results!

During your session with our specialist they will provide an important assessment of your condition, investigating and identifying the issue/s to help relieve symptoms quickly. This session covers important areas we know will lead you onto the path of accelerated recovery! Simply use the contact form below to provide us with your details to get you booked in.

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