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Safe, Non-Invasive, Pain-Free Therapy For Natural Healing


What causes foot problems?

We rarely inherit foot problems, in fact most are due to neglect and improper care of our feet. Sometimes those fashionable, couldn’t resist ill-fitting shoes may have caused some major foot problems. Age too can be a contributing factor to foot problems whilst some disorders start very early in our life. Other common causes of foot pain include: Poor-fitting shoes, stilettos, high impact exercise (eg. running), poor balance, poor posture  but no matter what is to blame, our podiatrists can help.

What can a podiatrist help with?

There’s a long list of foot problems that can be fixed by visiting one of our podiatrists in London. These include; Achilles tendinitis, arch / heel pain, athlete’s foot, bunions, corns and calluses, dry and cracked heels, flat feet, forefoot pain, ingrown toenails, lower back pain, runners knee, shin splints, smelly feet, verruc, even toenail problems such as thickened, fungal or ingrown toenails.

What to expect

Our podiatry team are here to help prevent further injury by restoring your feet’s optimal function. We will first go through a detailed case study to understand your specific situation. We will perform an examination and before any treatment takes place, we will explain the cause of your problems and recommend how to treat it.


We Provide:

  • Bio-mechanical assessment ? walking and running
  • Video gait analysis
  • Force plate analysis
  • Footwear advice and recommendations
  • Sports and general chiropody
  • Prescription orthotics


Orthotics prescription

After a consultation with one of our expert podiatrists they may prescribe orthotics. An Orthosis is a shoe-insert, used to correct, compensate or accommodate certain deformity, muscular weakness, skeletal alignment issues or neuro-muscular abnormalities.

I have pain in my foot / knee when running

We can help! Our specialist team will focus primarily on the biomechanics of your feet and legs. We look for problems with the interaction of your foot and leg with the ground beneath them as you walk and run. This enables our Podiatrists to get to the cause of your specific foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip or lower back problem.

We understand the importance of working as a team so our specialist Podiatry team combine their knowledge with our Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Conditioning Coaches, Pilates instructors, and the whole team to ensure you reach that perfect balance and perform at your best?or even better than before!


I have been told that the pain in my foot is Plantar Fasciitis

We often hear this from clients on their first visit to us for this very painful condition. It is important it gets seen to as soon as possible. Often clients have been to see their GP and are simply told to rest and take pain killers but at Perfect Balance we are able to treat the condition with fantastic results.

My feet don't hurt but they don't look right

Many people who come to see us complain about the appearance of their feet. Our podiatrists will give you the right care and attention needed to help reduce the unsightly appearance of your feet and nails. They will remove hard dead skin and callus formation to leave your feet looking great and feeling even better. Your feet work hard, don’t make looking after your feet hard work!

Book an appointment with a Podiatrist

Our podiatrists are based in clinics in London and surrounding areas. We have clinics in London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

If you would like to book an appointment or speak to someone about how we may be able to help you, please call us on 0800 0724 012 or our central landline number 01707 229871.

Alternatively please tell us a little about your circumstances using the contact form and we will ensure that the right person contacts you to discuss how we can help.

We are available for you.

To learn more about our K-Laser® Therapy
and how we can help you


We are available
for you.

To learn more about our K-Laser® Therapy and how we can help you

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