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About Stephen Makinde

I specialise in managing and treating conditions that have previously not responded to surgery, physiotherapy or osteopathy. I am often called upon for my expert opinion and skills in helping solve some of the more difficult cases we see at the clinic.I trained at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in Hampstead, London, where I undertook a full-time degree course in Osteopathic Medicine and Naturopathy.

I previously taught on the undergraduate course and I have also taught overseas on the post-graduate conversion course run for international students. I firmly believe that anatomy and evidence-based information are at the core of any good practitioner.


MSc. Clinical Neuroscience
BSc. (Hons) Ost.Med.
Naturopathy Diploma
Certificate in Medical Acupuncture
Previously Senior Lecturer BCOM
Kinesio Taping
Advanced K-Laser Practitioner
Member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association


Osteopath Stephen Makinde has worked on a variety of films throughout his career:

Spectre – October 2015
Bastille day – April 2016
WonderWoman – June 2017
Justice League – November 2017
Star Wars Rogue One – December 2016
Assassins Creed – January 2017
Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – July 2015
Guardians of the Galaxy – July 2014
The Mummy – June
Men In Black: International – 2019
Game Of Thrones

Past experience / employment

As well as my undergraduate training, I have an MSc in Neuroscience from Queens Square, London. I find this is an added bonus to understanding, treating and managing a multitude of clients’ problems in a much more comprehensive way as I have a good understanding of the complicated nervous system. I have completed numerous courses and I keep up-to-date with current issues within the field of medicine. I am able to use a multitude of techniques such as cranial osteopathy, medical acupuncture, functional positional release, MET, PNF, manipulation and many others.

I also have experience with working with clients who have suffered from chronic and recurrent pain. I come from a strong sports background and continue to follow my passion for sports by treating many top level professional athletes, such as sprinters/long-distance runners, long and triple jumpers, tennis players and golfers. I love the gym environment as I am able to work closely with personal trainers, biomechanics specialists and physiotherapists, making sure I get to the core of clients’ problems and keeping them away.

My training as an Osteopath and Clinical Neuroscientist has indeed helped with my evidence base and problem solving, leading me to understand the importance of a thorough case history to formulate the best approach to a problem.

I am one of the lead practitioners at the clinic and as you can imagine, through working with international royal families, premiership footballers (Arsenal, Chelsea and QPR) champion sportspeople and TV celebrities I am very much in demand as a top specialist in my field.

I believe a professional and kind manner fused with a good old-fashioned hard working attitude helps me to be more than competent when it comes to improving your health and performance.


“I attended the clinic with an issue with my left ankle as I had not been able to run for over 4 months and needed to start training again ready for the London Marathon 2019. I was initially seen by Stephen McKinde for diagnosis (issues with my static nerve higher up my leg) and I also received some immediate treatment including acupuncture. Additional to seeing Stephen I also embarked on sports massage therapy with Olga Hayward to get my muscles both loose and working properly and together once again. To cut a long story short, within 4 weeks I was running again (up to 6 miles) and 4 weeks further on I had run over 14 miles and rarely felt better! I still continue to see Olga as a vital part of my marathon training schedule and to keep my muscles as injury free as possible.”

Antony Tinker

“I have only been seeing Stephen Makinde a short while but I have been having pain in my knees for more years than I can remember. I have seen many Physiotherapists and Osteopath’s in the past but for the first time, I am seeing a major improvement in my knees the pain has definitely reduced, which has never been the case previously. Such easy exercises and minor adjustments has made a whole world of difference and I now have hope that I will eventually be pain free unlike the hospitals professional opinion! I really can’t thank you enough.”

Joanne Hinds

“I first went to visit Stephen in August 2015 after hurting my back. My office job and bad posture coupled with carrying my baby was the main cause for my back problem. The lower back area was stiff and I was barely able to walk. I called for an emergency appointment to see Stephen and PB managed to schedule me in for the same day. I was already impressed. Stephen was very professional and was able to identify the problem immediately. After my first session I was advised to rest and not carry or do anything strenuous until I was to see him again after a few days. After I saw Stephen again he gave me some exercises to do through the PB exercise pro programme/app. It was brilliant! All my exercises were on there together with instructions on how to do them and feedback as to how I felt after doing them. Stephen is then able to monitor my responses and feedback and if necessary arrange to see me again. Fortunately for me the exercises were just right and I started to see improvements immediately. By my last session with Stephen I can safely say my back is back to normal. I can’t thank you enough! I still have access to the exercises on the app and whenever I feel my back is a little tight again I can just do them. Thank you again to Stephen. I can’t recommend Perfect Balance enough!”

Miriam Karam

“Stephen is amazing. I’ve had 3 children and continued to exercise throughout my pregnancies. Due to the changes my body has been through plus the strain of carrying babies around, I have suffered a few injuries. I always go straight to Stephen and I would never see anyone else. He identifies the problem quickly and also fixes it quickly too. He uses a number of techniques including acupuncture and I see results extremely quickly. I would always highly recommend Stephen.”

Kat Monks

“I went to see Stephen after having pain in my neck and shoulder, which meant I couldn’t turn my head properly. Stephen worked wonders, and in a very short time. I’m training for my first bikini bodybuilding competition so I needed to be able to train again straight away. But what was really a miracle for me was when he fixed my imbalance in my pelvis which I’d had for 2 years. I was convinced I’d have to live with an wonky body for the rest if my life. After 3 sessions with the miracle worker I’m even again and so happy ! I recommend Stephen to anybody who doesn’t want to have months of wasted trips to see practitioners that don’t get to the cause but just relieve the symptom. Thank you Stephen.”

Sonya Morton-Firth

“Whatever niggle, need, imbalance or injury you have you will always be in good hands with this amazing team! Special gold star to Stephen Makinde for providing every possibility for achieving great results!”

Alexandra Siebmanns

“Overall, I think the service is extremely good and I would struggle to think of ways to improve. I received an initial appointment really quickly. Stephens diagnosis of my problem was spot on even before I had seen a consultant. My rehabilitation programme given to me by Josh Dennis enabled me to recently go snowboarding for two weeks which I didn’t think I would be able to do.”

Chris Baker

“As a professional stunt man, my work takes me all over the world, and I pick up an awful lot of injuries along the way. Perfect Balance Clinic is like the glue that holds me together in my career. One particular injury was a broken ankle I had, and although I was back on my feet in 2 weeks I was in a lot of pain. I had the pain for almost two years, until Stephen brought his laser… Within 3 sessions with the laser, I was no longer in pain doing normal every day things like going up and down the stairs. However, doing heavy landings during stunts I still felt some pain. Another 3 sessions later, the pain was completely gone. I even managed to do a 16 foot jump and land on my feet as part of one of my stunts – after such a long time injured it felt like a massive breakthrough. I am so grateful for how the laser has helped. all the way through my childhood I was fortunate to have access to some of the best specialists in the country, and in 2004 I met Stephen. Ever since there i haven’t looked anywhere else. I take all my problems to Perfect Balance Clinic, and they hold me together so I can continue in my career.”

Ben Wright

“I first started having treatment with Stephen Makinde 10 months ago after being diagnosed with acute arthritis in my knee. I was in a lot of pain and was having difficulty walking. Within a few sessions with Stephen, which included massage, acupuncture and exercise, I was walking normally and able to manage moderate exercise. More recently I have been suffering with tendonitis / arthritis in my shoulder which has caused limited movement and considerably pain. Stephen is once again treating me successfully with massage and acupuncture. Within one session my shoulder feels released and the range of movement has increased. Stephen’s diagnostic skills are excellent. He knows exactly what investigations are needed for diagnosis and immediately starts treatment. He is also always available via email for extra advice if needed. “


“Really happy with the service Stephen and his team offers. I’m an age group athlete competing in triathlon and duathlon, also work in the building trade. I’m In the 50+ age group so my body does suffer with the training and work related injuries. Stephens Treatment and advice over the last 3 years has kept me competing at a good level in the sport I love. I have recommended Stephen and his team to friends and family. Many thanks to Stephen and the PB team.”

Mark Taplin

“This is the second time I’ve been to see Stephen in advance of a marathon. I was suffering from shin splints and the first few miles of my training runs were very uncomfortable. I saw Stephen the week before running the Manchester Marathon. Through the treatment during the sessions and also the tips Stephen gave me, I got through the marathon with no shin problems at all and I also achieved a PB on the day. Thanks to Stephen for helping with this achievement. This marathon meant a huge amount to me and to not take part was not an option. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Perfect Balance and I have done already many times.”

Esther Cockburn

“I have TMJ joint dysfunction and Julia has been working to fix it. She is absolutely brilliant at her job and I think we are going to get there. I have also been to Stephen who fixed a plantaris tendon rupture. His accuracy as an osteopath is stunning. I would recommend PB to everyone.”

Paul Mills

“I have been seeing Stephen Makinde for lower back pain and he is fantastic. After 2 months of horrendous pain that other professionals couldn’t help alleviate, Stephen was recommended to me. He recognised my issue straight away and after my second treatment I felt immediate pain relief. He is amazing and I would thoroughly recommend him.”

Rosemary Malley

“Stephen Makinde is the “Go To” man for me. Top bloke and he always sorts me out – no fuss, straight forward and sorted. I’ll be back for the next injury that needs attention.”

Oliver Jennings

“Stephen Makinde has been treating my mom for back and leg pain since march 2017. He is probably the best osteopath anyone could ever ask for. He is good at his job and very friendly, making his patients relaxed and comfortable but most importantly feeling stronger and better. I would definitely be recommending him to all our friends.”


“Having been to various GPs, Consultants and Physio Therapists, the painin my neck and shoulder and lower back from an old injury never seemed to go away, The GPs prescribed more and more pain killers telling me I “just had to live with it”, and it was my age. Fast forward 10+ years and treatment from Stephen at Hatfield over those years the pain is fine, I am still able to play sports and keep reasonably healthy (even after a heart attack) and two year later CABG surgery , The pain comes back now and then but nothing like it used to be, and I can still live my life – Moves to various parts of the country and different Osteopaths had me driving from Scotland to Hatfield to receive treatment as only Stephen seem to get to the problem quickly and efficiently solved ( A bit over the top maybe) but living pain free is a great thing! I still have treatment at Hatfield having moved back into the area, and also have taken advice from Stephen which has helped me a great deal. A big thank you Stephen and the Team for your excellent service, care and attention keeping this 75 year old active.”

Ian Reay

“Stephen Makinde will get you fixed and help you understand the issue so you can maintain your active lifestyle. I have had a range of musculoskeletal issues which Stephen has been able to quickly and effectively diagnose and correct. He’s helped me to understand what has caused the issues so I’m not back to see him for the same reason. This is much better for me than 3-7 sessions with a physiotherapist. I would recommend you see Stephen for any of your musculoskeletal issues.”

Noel Haines

Stephen Makinde is a miracle worker. I’ll be recommending him to anyone and everyone for the rest of my life.

Hew Leith

“Stephen is a great osteopath. Calm nature, exudes confidence and always sorts the problem. There is a very good reason why I go back to him time after time.”

Oliver Jennings

I have been seeing Stephen for a decade or more with an ever-increasing range of niggles, pains and injuries. He never fails to get straight to the root cause and invariably sorts the problem without ever requiring long-term revisits which would tend top rack the costs up.

Chris Heminway

“After many years of chronic back pain, and passing from one specialist to another, I was recommended to Stephen Makinde. I cannot praise him more highly … He is very knowledgeable and a real professional … He has helped me back to a more healthy and pain-free life. I’ve seen other members of the Perfect Balance team for other problems over the years. Each and every one of them is a dedicated professional, who take the time to establish the cause of the problem and work with the patient to aid recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Perfect Balance Clinic team.”

Mary Webster

” Stephen Makinde the Osteopath has a varied and highly efficient skillset in combining accurate assessments and techniques ranging from ART, Acupuncture, graston and many others to yield superior results. As a clinic, I feel they look deeper into problems and have the knowledge and skills to make a real difference. 5 Stars.”

Ross Reed

“I went to see Stephen Makinde in relation to new Orthotics. Stephen was incredibly knowledgable, utilising latest technology and experience to ensure the inner soles were perfect. He took time with me, and was guiding in his opinions.”

Andrew Braham

“Sorry that I will not be able to help but I don’t like to leave reviews, friends have already been recommended though 🙂 “

Nicola Pusterla

“Stephen and the team are always super professional. Stephen’s knowledge is second to none and time spent with him always gets to the problem at hand. He fixed my elbow when nothing else was working. Highly recommend Perfect Balance.”

Tom Dryer

“Excellent service provided throughout my treatment by Stephen Makinde. I received excellent service and was advised on how I could maximise my treatment by making certain changes to my daily working routine which were affecting my back and neck. I was also given exercises to do between appointments to maximise the benefits and take control of my recovery.”

“If I could rate more than 5* here, I would. I first started suffering pain in my hip when I was just 21 years old. I ignored it I the hope it would just get better. It got progressively worse when I started an office job and the pain started to spread and worsen and gradually reduced my mobility to the point where I was no longer able to sustain any kind of physical exercise without causing acute, severe spasms and pain in my entire back, neck and shoulders. I got stuck in rut of not being able to exercise, but lack of exercise made things worse, spasms caused pain, more pain caused more spasms. I was no longer able to hold a full time job due to the constant pain. I then had two children two years apart which caused more problems and I was diagnosed with degenerative spine disease (bulging disc L4/5) at 31 years of age and normal life activities (such as getting dressed) were extremely hard. I had seen physios (NHS and private) and an osteo before, but they all seemed to treat my symptoms, never the root cause and I’d given up all hope of ever been free from pain again. On a bit of whim I went to see Stephen. Best decision I ever made. Stephen has not only treated the symptoms, but has helped me to understand what’s going on with my body and helped me to switch my attitude that if I want to get better, I need to work at this both physically and mentally. He managed my acute symptoms to a point where I was able to begin a Pilates programme. I have had 1 to 1 Pilates classes with Jasmin at Perfect Balance for several months. Jasmin has really helped to educate me on posture and habits and how to ease my pain at home. More recently, now I’m stable, we have been building strength to ensure that I can prevent pain in the longer term. I am now much less dependant on the osteo appointments and can manage and prevent my own symptoms. The combination of osteo and Pilates programme specifically designed for me has been the key. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been difficult, I’ve had a few set backs (physical and mental) along the way and I’ve had to put the work in. But I could not have done this without Perfect Balance they (Stephen and Jasmin) have given me the confidence to know I can be free from pain. And I have just this last week started to do some fitness exercise for the first time in years. I try not to think too much about the cost as I try to look at it more of an investment in my future that I can maintain a pain free life on my own. The last two weeks I’ve been able to describe my pain as a niggle rather than pain, which is really quite liberating. Thank you Stephen and Jasmin.”

Sian Shipley

“Excellent service once again. Much like my experiences with Stephen and Mark, my appointment with Aaron was great. I felt confident in Aaron’s knowledge and expertise, and that he understood my needs quickly. Aaron treated me in a way that addressed my fitness regime exactly. He was really easy going and friendly, and I’ll definitely go back for more.”


“Following a motorcycle accident in Italy last June I suffered a broken ankle, was flown home and remained in cast for six weeks. As an avid gym goer, fitness enthusiast and workaholic, my concern was not about the accident but about getting back on my feet and not having any ongoing issues that would stop me doing what I love doing; you can imagine therefore my grief when I suffered complications when the cast was removed! I had no hesitation in calling Perfect Balance who quickly diagnosed the issue and worked closely with me, over a period of time, to get me back on track . . . . following each treatment I received I did exactly what I was told in the gym and haven’t looked back! Their personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable staff are second to none and I trust them implicitly with my well-being (and that of my family and friends to whom I have recommended their services over and over) which is why I haven’t and won’t go anywhere else. My thanks, on this occasion, go especially to Stephen – my testament to them is that I’ve signed up to trek Iceland this year for charity; I wouldn’t be doing that with a dodgy ankle!”

Julie Rhodes

“I have THE BEST team looking after me at Perfect Balance Clinic! Praise in particular to Stephen who treated me today (a bank holiday). There aren’t many places where you get such excellent and dedicated service by consummate professionals. Thank you!!!”

Mary Webster

“I suffered quite badly with back spasms and one day before work on the 2nd Avengers film, my lower back locked up. A friend at work recommended that I go and see Perfect Balance Clinic. I was sceptical because everyone I went to gave me vague varying reasons as to my condition but none of them resulted in any change in my condition.
When I first saw Stephen he was the only person to diagnose my condition exactly and explain what was happening with my body. That combined with specific treatment and training has got me back to being fighting fit and firing on all cylinders! Also due to the nature of my work an injury is never far away! Stephen has helped me over the phone when I was out of the country in the middle of a forest in freezing Austria on Spectre, enabling me to kick, flip and smash myself into another day!!”

Andy Lister

“After a long season playing Elite Amateur golf in 2013, I gained a stress related injury in my wrist along with bruising of the bone and inflammation of golfers elbow. I was referred to Stephen after consultation with the surgeon and have now been working with him for 5 months seeing a positive progression and recovery from an injury which restricted me playing competitively towards the end of last season. I have received the utmost support whilst undergoing treatment with excellent customer service and great facilities. The treatment of preference suggested by Stephen was a combination of Shock-wave therapy and K-laser treatment, which has enabled me to train and be ready for my first season as a professional golfer to start. Stephen and the rest of the team promote very high standards of professionalism and understanding of specific sports related injuries and also provide a fast and reliable treatment plan developed around individual sports needs and times frames. I plan to continue to work with Perfect Balance Clinic in the forthcoming future to ensure my body is in the best possible shape in order for me to succeed at the highest level of professional golf.”

Glen Johnson

Stephen at Perfect Balance is absolutely the best! After an extremely traumatic accident, paralyzing me on my left hand side & endless other injuries – I was in so much pain I could hardly get out of bed ever. I started seeing Stephen and, with a loving & caring attitude, he has totally given me back the life in my life! He’s done more for me than any other specialist surgeon, I will be eternally grateful to him”

Olivia Jackson

“I saw Stephen Makinde for back and neck problems and he was excellent. So knowledgeable and enthusiast. I would highly recommend!”

Robbie Hopper

“After 18 months of chronic hamstring troubles a friend recommended I see Stephen. I’d torn my hamstring the year before and despite giving it recovery time I was now aggravating it every time I trained. I’d not found any specialist that could help get me back to health and diagnose why I was getting recurring pain. My first appointment with Stephen was a breath of fresh air. He brought a totally new view of my injuries and the treatment that I would respond best to. First and foremost he pin pointed the problem and broke down the re-hab I would need in order to start seeing an improvement. His knowledge and experience was extensive, understanding illnesses and bio-mechanical challenges I have had since childhood. I feel I’ve found a unique specialist that can truly work with my injuries and as such I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my hamstring and running performance. I now see Stephen as and when I need to just to keep any niggles under control and work on weaknesses.”

Christina Jenkins

“Stephen has helped me after I thought I could not be helped. After sustaining a back injury whilst working as a Stunt Performer on X-Men First Class. I tried for 5 years to get rid of the pain in my lower back without true success. It became chronic and left me in a dark place. After visiting Stephen. I made huge progress.
I have since this time. Not hesitated to send other Stunt Performers and A list film celebrities his way… Thank you for your help Stephen. All the best John Street (Film and TV Stunt Coordinator).”

John Street

“Being familiar with the nervous and skeletal system, Stephen assists in not only the immediate problem you may have through manipulation but after follow on sessions he has comprehensive notes and promotes exercises to support your recovery”

Vlasta Turner

“Stephen Makinde, as his physio said to me, “is a miracle worker”. She’d seen patient after patient being fixed…and I joined that list. I am experienced with acupuncture, exercises, physios and serious back operations – and none can hold a candle to the beneficial effects of his acupuncture and (simple) exercises. He has an extraordinary understanding of the interplay of muscles, bones and viscera. After half an hour, my pain is gone and it does not return. After six months or so, I might want to go back and he sorts me out immediately. Money is a consideration for me, and yet I learned to find it to afford his sessions. They simply made and make the difference. I cannot praise him highly enough. Five stars in every category.”

Alice Leader

“After months of pain and being on crutches I am so pleased to be finally making progress. I am able to do the physio exercises that Stephen has set for me and the manipulation and massage of my hip has given me movement I have not have in many years. I was beginning to lose hope that I might be able to walk without crutches and ever get back to my life which has been a terrible struggle for over 5 months now. I know I have a long way still to go but I can a least see the future and I am most grateful for that.”

Emma McEwan

“I went to see Stephen at Perfect Balance Clinic, Hatfield, after struggling with pain in my foot for months (I am a runner) and finding no concrete diagnosis of the problem, or solution to the problem. Stephen was brilliant and diagnosed the problem very quickly- he also gave me techniques to help fix the problem in my own time. After only 2 weeks, my foot feels completely recovered and I only wish we’d been able to see Stephen sooner!! Thank you so much to everyone at PB clinic for helping me, and I can’t wait to run again next season, pain-free!”

Emily Hack

Stephen is an amazing professional and a better person. I am a complex case and he doesn’t give up on me as others have done, just the contrary. He is top of his game and he knows what he does at all times, always looking after you.

Eva Vinent

I’ve been getting help from Stephen for various problems on and off for the last year or so, for problems that other practitioners have been unable to solve. Stephen has so far sorted out everything I’ve presented him with and takes the time to explain, what and why and how to prevent it in the future. Big thumbs up from me!

Poli Kyriacou

“6 months following foot surgery I was struggling to walk, still using a walking stick, totally miserable and frustrated. I went from being a fit and active person to feeling like I wouldn’t ever be able to walk without pain let alone exercise again. I had seen various therapists for rehabilitation but didn’t seem to be making any progress. Thankfully I found Stephen Makinde at Perfect Balance. Following a targeted course of treatment with Stephen including acupuncture, K-laser, exercises, massage and joint manipulation, I am a different person. Stephen I can’t thank you enough for your patience, support, knowledge and hard work to get me back mobile again. Without you, I have no doubt I would still be hobbling around with a walking stick. THANK YOU. “

Tracey Terry

“I am really pleased to have seen Stephen again to address ongoing issues with my back. Like before, Stephen gets straight to the heart of the problem. He knows and recognises the impact on lifestyle and sought to reassure me that the ongoing back problems can be solved. Stephen referred me for a gait analysis and for physio and both highlight the contributing factors. My treatment feels like it is having a positive impact. Thanks you”

Becky Kelway

“Steven has been bit excellent, great that he had an ultra sound scanner. Claire was good today but found out she was not ok to work with Nuffield, her replacement is only available in a small window so lost a bit of time here. In summary, feedback is the practitioners are excellent but it takes a while to start treatment 4 weeks late in my case so my injury may take longer to recover but willing to continue because the Hatfield centre is local”

Nick Butler

“I’ve been seeing Stephen for a number of years and with his help I have come a long way. I’ve gone from high levels of pain and unable to do much to shortly running my first half marathon – serious progress! Stephen is very knowledgeable and brilliant at what he does. The team are excellent, very high standards of customer service. Highly recommend.

Sinead Howland

“When I booked an appointment with Stephen Makinde I had been suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction for 11 years and had seen over 20 previous practitioners without success. Stephen immediately diagnosed the underlying cause and fixed it during our first session. Over the following six weeks he set about systematically treating all of the secondary problems caused by my body being misaligned for 11 years, including some I never realised I had. Combined with his treatment he also arranged for me to undergo a gait analysis, which identified and corrected problems with my walking, together with sports therapy sessions with Daine McKibben Rice, who worked with me on a rehabilitation programme to rebuild strength and mobility in my weakened muscles. Both were brilliant, friendly and professional, but above all they have completely fixed a problem which had left me in constant pain for years and had been impacting the quality of my life. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Phillip Hicken

“I visited Stephen Makinde just over a year ago with an IT band issue and within one session he identified the problem exactly. I then had a follow up visit with Podiatrist Daniel to organise some custom insoles. Since then the problem disappeared and a year on I have ran three marathons with accompanied training with no reoccurrences. Based on my experience I would say the level of service at Perfect Balance is excellent and what differentiates it from others is the very high level of competence and professionalism.”

Paul Sowter

“I came to see Stephen at Perfect Balance this spring after month upon month of battling with a recurring pain in my left foot. I had been diagnosed with a stress fracture (2nd metatarsal) back in March 2012 – seemingly a result of many years of track running (sprinting) combined with poor biomechanics and lack of strength in the ankle joint (which I’d also fractured twice previously). I followed a strict rehab programme at the time – complete rest, strength and conditioning (rehabilitation) exercises, and then eventually a very gradual return to walking and running, increasing my run time minute by minute. Initially it looked as though the fracture had healed, however the pain returned shortly after my first race back. Devastated and back to square one, I resumed the rehab process once more. I continued in this cycle for the next year; managing the pain and running a limited amount but unable to undertake any real training. Nothing – neither rest, rehab, nor treatment seemed to work. A second scan at the end of 2013 confirmed that the fracture had returned. Fearing the worst, I came to see Stephen in April 2014 convinced that nothing would fix my foot. I had just about given up all hope of being ever able to return to the track or race competitively and wondered if I would ever really be able to run properly again. Stephen started laser treatment on my foot and was optimistic that he could fix it. I remained dubious! Just over a month later and several laser sessions per week, I was back on the trails. Shortly after that I was coaxed into running on the road. Much to my complete amazement I am now up to 90 minutes running (both off and on road), and am due to take part in a long distance adventure race in September. I am even entertaining the hope that I might soon return to sprinting. Treatment at Perfect Balance has quite literally changed my life and transformed my training capabilities. It was the best decision I could have made. I am over the moon to be able to run once more! I can’t thank Stephen enough.”

Olivia Ross-Hurst

“I can not rate this team enough….especially Stephen who has already mended a broken wrist last year and is currently getting me up and running quickly, after breaking my leg a week ago. I work with horses and can’t believe I didn’t know about these guys sooner. The equestrian world is definitley going to love you.”>

Monica Bedi

“Being a self employed personal trainer, I cannot afford to either miss work or training.. With a recent lower back problem really restricting me, there was only one person to see.. Stephen Makinde is simply outstanding, his thought process and decision making is second to none. I’m a massive fan of being giving things to do between treatments to help the recovery process, so many previous therapists I have seen are just keen on seeing you again and again. With just a few treatments stepehen has left me with some homework and hopefully I won’t need to return. A truest different level of professionalism and treatment.”

Stuart Monks

“Excellent service. Stephen really explained what was going on with my daughter and he will have her fit and ready to compete again. Highly recommend them. Thank you.”

Debbie Fielding

“The treatment I have received from Stephen is second to none. Stephen goes above and beyond the duties of a physio/osteo. I believe he genuinely cares for his clients and this is shown within all aspects of his work. His whole attitude is amazing and this correlates to his work ethics of getting the client better ASAP with the least cost to the client. Stephen works because he loves the job and this is shown on a daily basis. There is no one else I would use and no one else I would recommend. With Stephen you get comprehensive treatment and someone that genuinely cares.”


“I’ve seen Stephen Makinde at Hatfield, Fitness First and St Albans and his professionalism is flawless. That can also be said for his skills at identifying the causes and providing effective therapy to quickly resolve my shoulder injury. The whole outfit is hugely impressive and I am only too happy to recommend Perfect Balance to my patients.”


“Stephen was fantastic from day one. A master of his craft, and incredibly knowledgable, he nevertheless was always happy to talk in simple terms about the reason why we were doing a particular exercise or treatment. He always made me feel comfortable, relaxed and well cared for.”

James Henry

“I have always had wonderful service at Perfect Balance. Stephen is by far the best Osteopath I have ever seen. He easily recognizes the problem and always deals with it very effectively. His knowledge and use of different therapeutic modalities is outstanding, and his friendly and approachable personality make sessions both enjoyable and incredibly informative. In addition, his sports therapist, Sonal, provides an incredible sports massage and her knowledge of sports rehabilitation definitely helps provide a much quicker recovery. The team at Perfect Balance have all been wonderful and not only treat my injuries but also keep my body working optimally so I am able to live and enjoy a very active lifestyle. Thank you Perfect Balance!”

Lorraine Goldsworthy

“Fast and accurate diagnosis and plenty of time to talk and get a full explanation before treatment. Above all I have confidence in Stephen Makinde’s plan for recovery and feel better after the sessions with him. I was seeking relief for an acutely trapped nerve and it is on the mend. Sheila.”

Sheila NASTA

“Stephen’s fantastic and the service is faultless.”

Faye Bradbury

“A big thank you to Stephen who has put me back on my feet again. Highly professional, friendly, listens and able to treat the problem with confidence.”

Linda Noel

“Stephen and Josh worked to stabalise my arthritic hips and I have had no pain since treatment began. They are happy with my co-operation with their excercise regime and after a few months have signed me off to continue on my own to maintain my present condition where I hopefully will not require hip replacements. Very satisfactory result. Thank you Stephen and Josh.”

John Ivey

“The team are extremely professional between Stephen and Aaron they always fix me”

Deborah Dood

“I came to see Stephen at his Harley St clinic after suffering whiplash. He quickly discovered the imbalances and tensions throughout my spine and neck. The treatment was quick, effective and always delivered with absolutely professionalism and a friendly demeanour. Highly recommend.”

Aaron Desborough

“In the years that I have been running Stephen has been instrumental in helping me recover from injury on a number of occasions – any recurrence has definitely been down to me deviating from the good habits he recommends. Earlier this year I was experiencing a number of problems which he has worked on in a systematic and effective way. I have been able to continue running and exercising during the treatment and he has encouraged me to do so. One of the things I value about Stephen is that he understands that I want to be able to continue and that this is important to me. His advice has been extremely valuable. His approach is kind, individually focused and professional with excellent follow up.”

Alison Campbell

“Sadie says that the visit was quite bad and she doesn’t really want to visit again. She gave it 5 out of 10, with 1 being so bad that she would opt to eat a worm before she visited again. However, here’s where I (mum) am pulling rank. Sadie might not have enjoyed the session much, but she’s running around like normal again. So alls well that ends well. Plus, Stephen made Sadie laugh multiple times, even though her tears.”

Sadie (written by her mum)

“Stephen Makinde is excellent! I visited him at the St.Pauls clinic and he made it able for me to climb stairs again without pain. The centre is a perfect location for those working in central London. Another benefit is the booking service is very easy.”

Radha Simpson

“My son Max, a golfer, needed immediate treatment for a wrist injury, prior to competing in the European Championships. Stephen was, as always, highly professional. His diagnostic techniques are incredibly thorough, allowing immediate and accurate injury identification and therefore the optimum rehab plan implemented without delay. Stephen has access to all the latest technology, and equipment. Max’s injury could not have been treated any better any where. It is a pleasure to deal with someone I trust. “

Tracey Shirvell

“Being an actor, my schedule can often be unpredictable and last minute, so knowing that Stephen and the Perfect Balance team will always try and accommodate me when I need them is very reassuring. At times I’ve struggled with my back and Stephen never gives me a quick fix and sends me on my way. He always listens and makes sure that I’m happy with the session before I leave. So, if I still feel there is a problem he’ll do his best to fix it ball before I leave the room. Everything with Perfect Balance is long term and feels like money well spent.”

Michael Jibson

Having used Stephen for a number of (self inflicted)injuries, I particularly value that he has always explained clearly, in layman’s terms, the likely cause and problem, immediate action required and ongoing preventative ideas.

Max Caris-Harris

“Stephen is charming and a delight to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending him as he is a very good diagnostician and is open to using a variety of treatments. He has successfully treated both ankle and arm problems.

Laura Royde

“I have been seeing Stephen for a few weeks now for laser treatment on osteoarthritis of my fingers. Not only is he an excellent physician and has made a huge difference to both the pain and the look of my hands which have improved enormously, he is also very kind and caring. He has gone above and beyond expectations to help me with my problems. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Thank you to everyone involved in my treatment at the clinic.

Susan Dunn

“Stephen is very knowledgable and works in a highly professional manner. I feel he made appropriate decisions at the correct times during my rehabilitation to ensure speedy recovery. I trusted his recommendations and practices 100%.

“I have had three major spinal operations in the last twelve months and despite intensive. Physio could not recover. A friend referred me to Stephen Makinde. His positive attitude and amazing knowledge of the human anatomy has enabled me to be well on the way to recovery. Thank to Stephens treatment and the exercise regime I have started to play golf again.

Jim Dormer Tring

“Stephen is an excellent osteopath. He managed to find the causes of my issues and then fix them, something several professionals have failed with before. Thanks!

Susan S

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